In my quest to attain sheer rationality and objectivity I had to overcome my own biases, prejudices and subjectivity. In doing so, I concluded that there is no rational basis for choosing life over death.


Why then, should one, when facing the meaninglessness of life, not commit suicide?

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I'm too selfish to care about other people.

I'm not very into other people.  Well, I don't need others the way other folks seem to.  Suicide was an option for me more than once.  I'm glad now I wasn't successful. People kept trying to help me and for some reason it finally worked.  I used to be a hard drinker and that of course, led to the hideous depression.  For close to 25 years now I've not used and life really sucks sometimes but I know so well now how life can be horrible one moment and wham! it changes drastically in just a moment's time.  I'm glad I somehow came through all the crap because I too am just so curious as to what comes next.  I so enjoy my books, my music, my art now and that keeps me afloat.  As trite as it sounds I think about all the things I enjoy and even though I don't have many friends (that's the way I like it) these few special people mean more to me than they will ever know.  That may sound kind of contradictory but those dear people know to leave me alone for the most part but that we're there for each other when the need arises. 


I don't know where I'm going with this except to say, I like knowing I will have future options.  The other way is without any option ever again.

beacuse by killing yourself you're admiting defeat.
That's ok, I don't care.

Defeat in death, as opposed to...victory in life? Lol. Not if your life happens to suck. And the only thing accomplished by life anyway, is more living.


I'm in agreement Andrew. I've been contemplating the same issue for quite some time now. I have no preference for life or death, and there are days when it would only take a convenient, painless means of exodus for me to find myself among the dead. Unfortunately I don't own a gun, nor do I live near any tall structures, or have a car to get me to some. I've read that sleeping pills can be quite a painful way to go, etc etc. It's not made very easy to just go ahead and die, so I'm still here for now.


I think the majority of people have been evolutionarily culled to have an irrational preference for life, or fear of death. But I am not tricked by my biology into thinking that there is any point in any of it. I don't even recognize a distinction between "living" and "non-living." Once you exist, you cannot un-exist, regardless of being "alive" or "dead." We're all just stuck in this reality forever.


I seek the nothing; the calm; the still

But I am moved against my will.

I am here against my dreams,

And cannot be no thing, it seems.

Technically you are dying right now ever so slowly. 

I understand how meaningless life can be. But I like to see what is around the next corner. It doesn't give my life meaning but it keeps me entertained. To live or die is a choice you can make for yourself. Just don't leave a mess for other people to clean up. That is just rude.


Skyrim hasn't come out yet. Still waiting for that hot threesome to happen. Bacon tastes good. People are too damn entertaining. Too many stupid people need correcting. I was promised a flying car, a hover board and virtual reality. I want to see how far as a species we progress so that I might be reassured our descendants make it out to the stars. Mostly curiosity I guess. I want to see what happens next.
Yeah this too.
Being an atheist doesn't automaticly make you a nihilist, you can find your own meaning for your life if you really need one. Conversly think of the opposite, if there was a single objective meaning for your life, it would mean you were given it or had it forced on you by another intelligence. This would reduce you to a cog in another's chosen plan, further limiting your freewill. The desire to have meaning assigned to your life by someone other than yourself is the mindset of the believer, the follower, and the faithful- not something to be proud of.

Free will is an illusion. I'm always stunned by atheists who believe in it because without the irrational concept of a soul there is not reason or support for it.


If I had had easy access to a suicide bag at any of the times in my life when i didn't particularly want to deal with the hassle I would be dead. I'm not actively suicidal really i just dont particularly like some aspects of life and i consider it somewhat unfair to leech another person's resources since i am incapable of supporting myself financially. Sometimes i am quite happy and engaged with life, or just thought, and i quite enjoy the numerous dreams brought on by my irregular sleep cycle. but i do not have great hangups about dying.

If someone is a "free thinker", it doesn't make sense to have an "enslaved" will. I don't see why a soul is necessary in order for a person to have freedom of choice in their actions and reactions.

its a biological issue. you have the illusion of choice, ie if you dont think about it too much you will probably assume you can make a priori decisions, but if you ever thought about it you would realize its ridiculous. somewhere on here i saw a really good explanation but ill just do some short examples.


there are dozens of studies showing that large fractions of before you consciously make a decision your brain is already implementing that decision. yet you experience it as if you had just at that moment decided what to do. im pretty confident that it follows logically from atheism that we dont have free will, we are just computers responding to the interaction between outside stimuli and our programming, but people who are invested in being "free thinkers" which includes lots of atheists and people in alternative lifestyles, refuse to follow the logic and so we resort to evidence based science to slowly convince them. i suppose one could ignore both the logic and the science. after all, particularly in the global north, our culture is practically based on free will.



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