The  news of the loss of Robin Williams is saddening. I however can't help feeling that it is the shared delusion of a better place to go that was likely the cause. This is not a new idea as suicide to speed along the journey to "heaven" that caused the church to announce that it was a sin. Those who say religion isn't harmful if practiced alone I believe are mistaken or have never lost a loved one who was alone with their ideas of a better place. Maybe this idea is ill timed, but I have seen many instances where life was lost due to someone hoping for the promised land because their ideas were allowed to manifest unchallenged.

Just my thoughts


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It's also easier to buy a gun in the US than it is to get enough pills to stop the heart.  Drugs are regulated (up to a point), guns are not.

Two years ago a very talented atheist writer "ate" a shotgun because her husband had died, and she was in deep financial doo-doo.  I still miss her monthly columns, and I'm still angry that she could not, or would not, get the help she needed.

Congress is in the very deep pockets of Big Pharma, too.  That's why the most desperately needed meds cost more here than they do in Canada and Mexico.

I have had to stop taking several meds to treat my diabetic neuropathy pain because Pfizer has taken them off their Patient Assistance list.

Quite frankly, I have been thinking about suicide for years, I just don't like the idea of somebody else having to clean up after me.

I get that, but I still hate the expression "money can't buy happiness." My preprogrammed response is always "let me win the lottery and be the judge of that, please." Having once been on the other end of the spectrum, it's hard to see wealth in a bad light when you don't even have enough money to keep your water and electricity on. The only thing that makes it seem less troublesome is thinking about those who have it even worse.

I think money can buy happiness if you're wise enough to utilize it well.

Idaho, a friend of mine used to say Maybe money can't buy happiness but it can buy everything it takes to make me happy.
But I've got to agree with Bertold. If you have plenty of money you would no longer have an excuse to be unhappy. That would be harder to deal with.
Plus Robin was raised well off. And unhappy.

I had severe emotional difficulties from delayed-reaction food allergies.  Extreme anxiety, I felt suicidal and despairing a lot.  Also a quasi hallucinatory quality to my vision. 

At the time, I had no idea my emotions might be created by allergies - related to my inhalant allergies.  Emotions feel utterly authentic.  I thought it was about my childhood.  I felt trapped by my childhood. 

it's hard to see wealth in a bad light when you don't even have enough money to keep your water and electricity on.

It wasn't just money RW had, it was (I guess) dreams fulfilled. 

To me it actually does seem empty - life by cracking endless jokes.  Using one's brains to be a scientist would mean a lot more.  But who knows if Robin Williams felt that way about it. 

I agree with that Bertold.

I should clarify, I have been an atheist since I figured out Santa was a lie and I was introduced to the adult version with promises, "this time it's real".

It was the incident of the loss of this great entertainer (my opinion) that sparked my thoughts on this. I make no assumption as to the why. 

I also have entertained thoughts of ending it myself. While still sure was all a lie, also could conceive that maybe was I who was being narrow minded, how could all my family be wrong?

This brings me circle back to my own experiences and why would those who love me wish me to idolize such an option(a little resentment, still working on). 

Thanks for responses as have been secluded to internet, and need to bounce these ideas of mine around, finally.

Robin Williams was one of those super-intelligent and gentle people.  Gentleness often seems to go along with being super-intelligent.  Perhaps because the super-intelligent people tend to be wrapped up in their thoughts and don't casually hate.  Insults are not an intelligent interaction. 

I kinda saw his later attempts at stand up to be laden with insults. He went from an exceptional career based on explosive randomness, to politically motivated diatribes, and it didn't work for him at all. I think he just got fed up with the world. He finally met that firey horseman from the Fisher King (one of his better films.)

I'm not familiar with his diatribes, just his movies and Mork & Mindy. 

OK, so he did get insulting and ungentle.  I guess it shows he wasn't doing well. 



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