The  news of the loss of Robin Williams is saddening. I however can't help feeling that it is the shared delusion of a better place to go that was likely the cause. This is not a new idea as suicide to speed along the journey to "heaven" that caused the church to announce that it was a sin. Those who say religion isn't harmful if practiced alone I believe are mistaken or have never lost a loved one who was alone with their ideas of a better place. Maybe this idea is ill timed, but I have seen many instances where life was lost due to someone hoping for the promised land because their ideas were allowed to manifest unchallenged.

Just my thoughts


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@Chris...we have the best medical  schools  in the world....However   I agree  Medical  students are indoctrinated  to believe that they  can become  wealthy  off the backs  of  the sick  and  that  does need to change....Doctors can still make  a decent  living without having  these gigantic  practices serving  patients like they are in a revolving door....We need more doctors  with more compassion who spend  more  quality  time  with their  patients.

The insurance companies rob the doctors, too.  Ask any physician how much she/he has to pay every year just for malpractice insurance....for some reason OB-GYN specialists pay the most, and we still have the worst infant mortality rate of all the industrialized nations.

@ sk8eycat.....Absolutely, I should have mentioned  that .....Greed has permeated  the entire  healthcare system,..We may  have the best  medical schools but we definitely  need  to improve  on the Compassion and Fairness issue....


Things are not going to be helped along in a big way with the Catholics taking over more and more hospitals.

There are also a lot of Seventh Day Adventist Hospitals around.

I could tell you some examples of the care from them.

Maybe in the broader context these religious hospitals are providing care in areas where health care wouldn't normally be provided., It would be better if we broke out of the religious context of medical coverage and started using sound scientifically proven treatment.

There is room for spiritual based medicine, but it seems to be one of the driving forces lately.

@Chris and Bertold.........There should be a law against  religious  institutions, who own  hospitals, enforcing  their religious  culture on  their  patients...The duty  of all hospitals  should be to give the best  care  possible.....Why do Religious  institutions even want  to get into  the  hospital business anyway, unless  there motivation is  to carry out Religious doctrine..... 

Why do Religious  institutions even want  to get into  the  hospital business anyway?

Historically, it was it's the same as everyone's lucrative.

Think of the millions of dollars that were donated over the years to Agnes Bojaxhiu's so-called missions...the bitch spent hardly any of it trying to help people in need.  Most of the money is still sitting in bank accounts ... or in the Vatican Bank.  (She also sold off donated medical equipment and banked the proceeds. Hideous woman!)

Historically, it was it's the same as everyone's lucrative.

Thank you, sk8eycat. I was about to start a post with:

No one who posts here is old enough to know what life for working people in the USofA was like before FDR's New Deal.

Think back just TWO YEARS, to the candidate for Congress (Nevada? Utah?) who attacked the ACA by saying people used to pay doctors with a couple of chickens?

Before FDR:

No unemployment insurance.

No workers compensation.

No insurance on personal savings in banks.

No Wall Street regulations.

No electric power in Tennessee or nearby states.

Et cetera.

A mere thirty years earlier, laws against child labor gave the children of working people what we now call a childhood, and gave everyone truth in labeling laws.

What? Truth in labeling?

Yes. Some of the people who put orange juice in cans increased their profits by replacing some ot the OJ with water. Then some of those people increased their profits more be replacing more of the OJ with water.

In 1945 when I first worked in grocery stores, I saw cans labeled orange juice, orange aid, and orange drink. Curious, I asked my dad, who was in the grocery business before I was a gleam in his eyes.

BTW, let's reduce the moralizing. If where we write greed, we write need, we can more effectively address a problem every human being has.

Today, I am the same age as my mother was when she died plus 11 years. I am 78 now and will be around for at least another 20 years. When I do die, it will be by death with dignity. I have no intention of going through what my mother and father, two aunts and several friends did in their final years. When physical and emotional pain makes getting up in the morning difficult and when I have problems seeing, hearing, tasting and when being with people becomes a bother, my interest in living ends. 

I have instructed my family and doctors of my intentions and there can be a celebration of life on my passing with good food and family and friends and neighbors in my garden. I do know there is grief and a very short period of a tear or two is OK, but no regrets, no "what ifs", no "I should have done more".

When the time is right for me, my time on Earth is my call. I have had a remarkable life, full of adventure, travel, interesting friends, exciting projects, sweet moments of reflection and quiet meditation. My garden becomes my real pleasure these days, with all the critters that live there and the people who stop by to enjoy the beauty of a Splendid Patch of Earth. 

Oh! this is my next book, A Splendid Patch of Earth. A book of memory gems, the challenges I faced, my processes of meeting those challenges head on and coming out a victor, and the opportunities I took and the risks, too. 

No one will read it, but that doesn't matter. No one read Toward a Theory of Family Violence, its Antecedents, Treatment and Prevention nor has anyone read A Splendid Heresy, and that does not bother me at all. I wrote them out of the raw experiences I had and from the writings, gained insights that could have been lost. 

I am very sorry Robin Williams chose death at such a young age and to choose to hang seems like a good way to be tortured during one's last moments. However, that is his call. I would not choose it. I am sorry his children are so young; this surely will be a shattering event in their lives. 

Growing old with grace is nice. Settling into a quiet repose seems acceptable. Leaving behind printed words for others to read satisfies me. 

In the meantime, another visit to the chemo doctor and a cleansing wash of my port today, a birthday party for all my great-grandchildren tomorrow, then back to the tranquility of A Splendid Patch of Earth.

Happy birthday, Joan! More power to you and your splendid patch of earth. 

Bertold, thank you for the greeting and sentiment. My actual birthday is in January. I calculated how old my mother was in years, months and days, then found that day in my life and have been keeping track ever since. So, what should I call this day? The only thing I could think of was my "mother's deathday plus X years". 



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