The  news of the loss of Robin Williams is saddening. I however can't help feeling that it is the shared delusion of a better place to go that was likely the cause. This is not a new idea as suicide to speed along the journey to "heaven" that caused the church to announce that it was a sin. Those who say religion isn't harmful if practiced alone I believe are mistaken or have never lost a loved one who was alone with their ideas of a better place. Maybe this idea is ill timed, but I have seen many instances where life was lost due to someone hoping for the promised land because their ideas were allowed to manifest unchallenged.

Just my thoughts


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The sad thing is that suicidal people are stigmatized. To my way of thinking, they are for the most part the best of humanity. They are the ultimate protestants -- in the sense that they protest. One of the early markers in the gradual unfolding of my atheism, my loss of thorns to get at the flower (puns intended) was my father's chagrin at being unable to bury a client he had become close to, a cop he defended in court against a charge of accepting a bribe. When the cop lost his case, he was so humiliated to have attained to the rank of captain only to have two underlings with "o'erweaning ambition" take him out with perjured testimony that he offed himself with his service revolver. The RCC would not allow burial in consecrated ground. That's right, a priest goes out and sprinkles some holy water on some dirt and grass with little (or big) granite monuments all about, and then pronounces the cemetery "sacred ground." (Now, all of you wags quit saying that is the sort of place you wouldn't be caught dead in!) I questioned it as a teenager and witnessed my father's anger at the rebuff and the incident planted in my young mind the notion that religion was nothing but hypocrisy under another name. One of Shakespeare's character, I think, said "the law is an ass." Must be true, since it is actually illegal in some states to take your life. Think about that.

@Gregory Phillip Dearth, great post! I thought about suicide lots as a teen, possibly as adolescent. I never had the courage to go through with it. I believe it takes courage. I never could understand the opinion of that suicide is a "cowardly" act. Most who say that are also believers, I suspect. The last line of your post is just what both suicides and their detractors need to hear. Thanks for posting.

Sorry  James.....It bothers  me  when  you say it takes  courage  to commit suicide.....I believe  it takes  courage  to raise yourself  up and  defeat  the idea  of  such an unfortunate  act.....Gregory  is the one  who  had courage...It must  have been a brutal time but  he managed  to  win  the fight....He is an inspiration  and  should  be commended  ....  

I stand by my original statement. When Bill Maher stated on "Politically Incorrect" that he thought the 9/11 jihadist pilots were acted with bravery when they flew into the twin towers, I knew what he meant: Islam aside (and 72 virgins, or raisins, aside) knowing that one's consciousness will not only end with one's death is simply a terrifying proposition. It takes courage to go through with it. I suspect that the reason Hemingway shot himself was because he had absolutely nothing to live for. He could no longer do any of the things he enjoyed, things that made life bearable despite the slings and arrows. (Of course, it might be said he is a bad example because, after all, he had undergone shock therapy, a sort of electrical lobotomy, and might not have been in his right mind when he did the deed, but he was not crazy.) Writing, no. Sex, no. Eating what he liked, no. Hunting, no. Fishing, no. He could not do a thing he liked doing. When I reach that point I hope I have the guts to off myself as he did. I am not calling Gregory a coward, I am simply saying that I regard suicide as courageous. It is certainly as courageous as attempting it and failing. That took courage, courage I lack.

@James .....  I love  Bill Maher's show  and  respect him.....Does that mean  I have to agree with him  all the time?....He was criticized , and rightfully so, for  those  comments......It was strictly  the religious  views  of those  Jihadists which were  as radical  as  one can get, that made them  fly  into the twin towers and the Pentagon....Courageous , I think not....Stupid,  absolutely..........Hemingway was a brilliant  man who may have  had  bipolar problems  as did Robin Williams......Only  they could have  said  why  they did it.....I was not  courageous but  deep depression and  reaching  their  lowest  point that they succumbed   to  the suicidal  thoughts....If only they could have  reached  out  to someone........   

I stand by my statements.

@ James.......I have learned  that one has to respect another's  opinion even if we disagree......As long as you feel comfortable  with it, not much  anyone  can do....

@Gregory....Eloquently  stated.......It seems  many  have no idea  what they are talking about  on many  topics....It usually takes  someone, like yourself, who has actually  experienced , in this case, attempted  suicide, to give  a true  realization  of  what  the person  is feeling  and going  through.......I can't even  begin  to imagine  such  a low point in one's life....and Gregory,  I commend you for turning  yourself around and living  your life, for life  is  too short as it is.......  



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