The  news of the loss of Robin Williams is saddening. I however can't help feeling that it is the shared delusion of a better place to go that was likely the cause. This is not a new idea as suicide to speed along the journey to "heaven" that caused the church to announce that it was a sin. Those who say religion isn't harmful if practiced alone I believe are mistaken or have never lost a loved one who was alone with their ideas of a better place. Maybe this idea is ill timed, but I have seen many instances where life was lost due to someone hoping for the promised land because their ideas were allowed to manifest unchallenged.

Just my thoughts


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He asphyxiated himself with a belt around his neck.  How horrible for someone to find.

I don't believe in any place other than this one, and I've been suicidal before, sometimes shit happens, and then you flush, but your toilet of life gets backed up. 

V, I like your metaphor. For many folk in the world, life is a toilet.

When I was a kid in a violent home and a Catholic, "toilet" would have described it well.

But that toilet didn't flush.

I enjoyed jerking off too much to kill myself and wished for the "calm" of insanity.

I survived the former by hurling my parents from my life. I quit their religion at the same time.

I found agnosticism, finished college, and later found atheism.

I can now describe life as a gourmet restaurant.

Thanks for the metaphor.

I enjoyed jerking off too much to kill myself


When we hear people's stories of suffering, and they say "the only reason I survived was God / my friends / writing in my journal/ etc"

maybe what they really mean is "Jerking off got me through the worst of it"  ?

Apparently jerking off wasn't enough reason to live for Robin Williams, though.

Apparently jerking off wasn't enough reason to live for Robin Williams, though.

Aging male bodies produce less testosterone and jerking off is no longer the explosive fun it once was. Other stuff happens too; some of it isn't shit.

My frankness sometimes surprises me.

It ain't honesty; I like to shake xianity's shit.

In my elderly state, my version of jerking off when things start looking a bit too bleak is to read the Rude Pundit:

A good analytical mind, world-class irreverence and great snark! The pause that refreshes

Bertold, thanks for the rudepundit tip.

I went to Amazon, found the rudepundit ebook and downloaded a free sample.

I'd read that Sam Adams and friends raised some hell but rudepundit had details.

America's militarized police?

America's 1% see the growing inequality and expect trouble.

Our gov't of, by and for the 1% has a lot of unsold weapons of war

The police are getting these weapons, probably below cost with we the taxpayers making up the losses.

("NSA, are you getting this?)

“Anyone desperate enough for suicide...should be desperate enough to go to creative extremes to solve problems: elope at midnight, stow away on the boat to New Zealand and start over, do what they always wanted to do but were afraid to try.”

- Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, The Bridge Across Forever, etc.

“Anyone desperate enough for suicide...should be...."

Luara, Bach's "should be" tells me he didn't know whereof he wrote.

He was trying too hard to console or he was lacking empathy.

Both conditions can be temporary.

I find what he said inspiring and supportive.

Luara, I hope you can acknowledge not having plumbed the depths.

Constant, incurable pain, whether physical or emotional (or both), interferes with any attempts at rational thinking.  You just want it to stop.  Forever.

Plus, knowing that a significant portion of your fellow citizens want you to drop dead as soon as you reach retirement age doesn't help much , either.




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