I have come to realize that if religious indoctrination takes place at a young enough age, it is astonishing what humans will believe. And, religious indoctrinated people will reject any future contrary information and/or opposition to the supernatural beliefs they have been taught. Early religious instruction leads to a mind-boggling number of unnatural beliefs and values such as: an immaculate conception (virgin births), original infant sin, limbo, purgatory, hell, sacred crosses, simony, venial sins, mortal sins, selling of indulgences, water converted into wine, holy water, miracle water, holy grail, sainthood, barbaric Inquisitions, a holy spirit creature, winged angels, devils, intact hymen at birth, crucifixion, resurrected corpses, ascension, celibacy (repression), miracles (magic), hellfire and damnation, a patriarchical God, a trinity (multiple personality and dissociative God), pearly gates, transubstantiation, cannibalistic eucharisitic celebration, exorcisms, meaningless and monotonous prayers, souls, paradise, seducing serpents, rapture, Garden of Eden, Adam and Lilith (1st wife), Adam and Eve (2nd wife), anti-Christ(s), saints-sinners, demons, Noah's Ark, walking on water, corpse worship, flying into skyscrapers and beng rewarded with 57 virgins, God sitting on a cloud to judge, judge, judge, etc. etc. Do you agree, that early religious indoctrination becomes an endless display of nonthinking supernatural silliness?

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and you even forgot the things that go bump in the night....


Little girls! I am in the business of putting old heads on young shoulders, and all my pupils are the creme de la creme. Give me a girl at an impressionable age and she is mine for life.
-- Miss Jean Brodie, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

There have been other such statements, something to the effect of "give me a boy to the age of seven and I shall give you the man," and so on. The problem is that reality in its own way can be just as insistent as indoctrination can be. Inconsistencies between dogma and evidence niggle at the mind and create cognitive dissonance. The degree to which one is willing to scratch that itch or pick at that scab is the degree to which they may be ripe for DE-conversion and therewith a recognition of the lies they have been fed.  As to "supernatural silliness:

... introduce the first irrationality, and there is no limit to the number of irrationalities that can and likely WILL follow.
-- me

[BTW, it's 72 virgins, though maybe the Heinz family gets 57!]

Though I heard of a Christian woman who claimed she was going to remain a virgin so as to set an example for her children. :-D~ 

:D  Her Children? :D 


Her adopted or foster children, Loren and Dawg.

Also, nuns may refer to the kids they teach as their children.

Hell, nuns are said to marry Christ but I’ve never heard a nun refer to Christ as her husband, her lover, or her oppressor. Or her favorite labor-saving device.

Or what a lousy lay he is!

HeHeHeHe! Ignorance has no bounds. 

They say celibacy is hereditary. After all, if you haven't had sex, chances are your children won't either. :)

Whoa, GC.

That celibacy is hereditary is too firmly grounded in reality for anyone named “They” to have said it.

In Bruce Sterling's SF story "The Bicycle Repairman", the protagonist takes antilibidinal meds that eliminate the urge to have sex, so he can focus on his work. (His mother is disturbed at this "unnatural" choice.)

testosterone inhibitors! Here they're given to sex offenders and to transwomen of course. Could be so useful with celebacy!




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