I have come to realize that if religious indoctrination takes place at a young enough age, it is astonishing what humans will believe. And, religious indoctrinated people will reject any future contrary information and/or opposition to the supernatural beliefs they have been taught. Early religious instruction leads to a mind-boggling number of unnatural beliefs and values such as: an immaculate conception (virgin births), original infant sin, limbo, purgatory, hell, sacred crosses, simony, venial sins, mortal sins, selling of indulgences, water converted into wine, holy water, miracle water, holy grail, sainthood, barbaric Inquisitions, a holy spirit creature, winged angels, devils, intact hymen at birth, crucifixion, resurrected corpses, ascension, celibacy (repression), miracles (magic), hellfire and damnation, a patriarchical God, a trinity (multiple personality and dissociative God), pearly gates, transubstantiation, cannibalistic eucharisitic celebration, exorcisms, meaningless and monotonous prayers, souls, paradise, seducing serpents, rapture, Garden of Eden, Adam and Lilith (1st wife), Adam and Eve (2nd wife), anti-Christ(s), saints-sinners, demons, Noah's Ark, walking on water, corpse worship, flying into skyscrapers and beng rewarded with 57 virgins, God sitting on a cloud to judge, judge, judge, etc. etc. Do you agree, that early religious indoctrination becomes an endless display of nonthinking supernatural silliness?

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Anti-libidinal meds?

That makes him queerer than any normal queer.

Like Augustine, or Aquinas.

Define "simony." "The act of selling church offices and roles."

"When a person's religious beliefs cause him to deny the evidence of science, or for whom public policy morphs into a battle with the devil, shouldn't that be a subject for discussion and debate?

~ Lawrence M. Krauss

Actually, Joan, it shouldn't be a topic for debate or discussion. It should be a topic for ridicule and derision. Religion's foolishness has been given a pass for entirely too long. It is time that's lack was pulled in.

Of course, Loren, you are correct, Ridicule and derision are in order! 

We in Australia got the better deal in the 18th Century.

LOL  ;-)~


Yeah, England won.

Criminals are mostly opportunists, religious nuts are delusional.
Mix them together or delusional opportunists, and that is just a confusing mess. 

Trying to take advantage of opportunities that don't exist.  Ha Ha  :-D 

Sounds a little like America's current president. 

Like his plan to revitalize a dying coal industry who are closing mines constantly and many already training their workers to install and work on alternative energy systems.
Apparently more coal mines have closed in 2 years of Trump than in a whole 4 year term of Obama.

America seems to take the prize for delusion. 

And coal mines ... and people who haven't noticed that the canaries are already dead.

Thank you, Al Wm Johnson.

Your opening post is far more literate than the one I had in mind, describing Catholic xianity with “Dumb!” repeated a few dozen times and closing with “ad infinitum.”




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