A couple from the Congo have been found guilty of torturing to death a 15 year old boy they believed to be a witch. Using various household implements, they beat him to death over a period of days and forced two other children to partake in the violence. Quite apart from their insane belief in superstition, the couple are clearly intellectually subnormal anyway given that they failed to see the inherent contradiction in being able to easily torture to death someone they believed to possess supernatural powers. But then, since when do the religious and the superstitious deploy logic in their perverse beliefs?


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dang... ooomph... wtf wtf... seems like corporations/etc.. should try 'try' to interject some non-myth culture into that part of world.. at least the black freethought movements from the U.S. at least are showing other ways to learn/live in life.. you know that one life you get on Earth...

oh and look what i found out:


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