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hey!  Women can be intelligent and rational too, not just serving the "intelligent and rational".   The token women looks like a serving woman. 

News bulletin: that "token woman" is Marie Curie, discoverer of polonium and radium and winner of the Nobel Prize.

Yes, I guessed she was Marie Curie.  But she's still the token woman there and still positioned like a servant, not eating with the rest. 

If you have other women to suggest, do so ... and as for being a servant, how many servants use chemist flasks (in her right hand)?

I'll admit, I can't think of that many famous women scientists ... but would you rather this were an Old Boys' Club and leave her out?

The picture stinks as a representation of "intelligent and rational people". 

It stinks in a sexist way and it also stinks in a racist way. 

I don't have much trouble figuring it is largely due to white patriarchy maintaining status quo. But I would guess that opportunities, educational and otherwise, are a major instigator to being on this list. Plus it is primarily for Western/Christian consumption.

As probably almost 99% of all those opportunities were afforded us white guys, that two of t thirteen spots are filled by non white males is decently acceptable. Idk but I would guess that in t West anyway over 95% of Nobel prizes are by white guys

My knits are that I would have put Newton in center place and that while some of them do look familiar, I can't place three, five, nine or ten. Who are they?

Regardless, these thirteen are incomparably better than Da Vincis original thirteen.

I'm pretty sure that Nine is Thomas Edison.  Ten may be Archimedes, but I'm not certain.




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