So there it is - GNH.  Gross National Happiness.  Before you laugh, look it up.  It is out there but has gained very little traction in any mainstream way.  It does however resonate with me and I think if any of you really look into it it would probably make sense to you too.  What I think is that raising awareness of this alternative way to measure the progress of an economy can help change attitudes about the good life.  I cannot say it any better than what is presented in the links below but certainly, GNH is a better measurement tool than GDP to measure how our economy provides progress.


Instead of letting economists continue to tell us that our GDP is growing and a good life is coming why shouldn't we take control and determine our own good life?  

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In October 2011, I am doing more reading into the "literature" of happiness. This GNH concept is mentioned. 

Reflecting on many of the ideas on happiness from across the centuries, I do wonder whether the "Atheist Movement" has the wherewithal to promote greater happiness. There is a lot of talk about how religion ruins everything. but in every discussion thread where non-theists try to get consensus on how godlessness is supposed to be the root of a better, happier society, it always ends up the "atheism is nothing more than not believing in gods", end of discussion, no use in trying to rally around anything more than separation of church and state. 

From my reading so far, godlessness is not a correlate of happiness. Evidence points to believers as generally being more happy than non-believers. Yes, the issue of self-delusion is a key debate in the philosophy of happiness. To me, this means non-theists need to have a clearer understanding of the factors of happiness and how to foster them in their own lives and the lives of others. But I don't see the Atheist Movement as being the vehicle to do that.


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