We just got a letter from my wife's church friend who is asking for support for a one week mission trip to New York City.  She was surprised and offended when I objected.  Supporting a mission trip is like supporting someone's vacation.  It is a waste of time, money, and effort.  

When donating money, you should ask, "what's the return on investment?"  For instance, I could send money to Doctors Without Borders and expect a large portion of my money to pay for healthcare supplies in developing countries.  Cool. 

What is the return on investment for a mission trip?  The money would pay for a vacation.  Period.  No one would be helped from this experience besides being fed lies to provide a false hope in what is to come.  

Sure, there are some missionaries who do actually help people and I could see myself supporting a missionary if their mission was more secular than religiously motivated.  

I thought about sending this friend some money and then sending her family a letter asking for funding to complete my master's program.  I am a teacher and my masters program should mold me into a better teacher which can positively impact the science education of 1000s of kids over my career.  I like that return on investment much more than a mission trip vacation

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I agree that these are mostly vacations. I have a cousin who went on a "mission trip" to Italy. ITALY. In my opinion, "mission work" is part vacation, part brainwashing poor people.
If he was going to Uganda or something I'd be more happy to give money if just slightly more.

Money to go to New York? Fuck him. Why doesn't he beg space daddy for help?

Find out how much he wants, donate said amount to the International Red Cross.




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