Supporting NAFTA Was the Kiss of Death for Democrats --Why Dems Should Think Twice About Voting for TPP

Supporting NAFTA Was the Kiss of Death for Democrats --Why Dems Sho...

"a Democratic president is once again twisting arms and dangling rewards in a desperate effort to muster votes for a corporate-driven trade deal. And just like in 1993, the vote will be one of those rare bipartisan moments in Washington. The word is only about a dozen members remain on the fence, most of them Democrats. The president is reportedly putting the tightest screws on members of the Congressional Black Caucus. After the NAFTA wheeling and dealing began in earnest back in 1993, it didn’t take long to push enough Dems off the fence. All these years later, NAFTA remains the basic blueprint for every U.S. trade deal. "

Why is Obama supporting TPP, a corporate-driven trade deal, after the failure to deliver on NAFTA’s "promises for workers, the environment, human rights, etc. These have all been extensively documented over the years by the Institute for Policy Studies, and many others across the continent. President Obama acknowledged its flaws himself when he made a campaign trail promise to renegotiate the deal."

Why is Obama supporting another bad trade deal for workers, the environment and human rights? 

For whom is Obama working? Corporations? 

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Don't most politicians work for corporations? Anyway, how do you stop a thing like the TPP? Not to sound like a hippie or anything lol, but could a petition to overturn it? I'm ignorant to how things like this actually work out. 

England's King John didn't sign the Magna Carta because he was feeling generous. He signed it because unhappy barons had a army larger than his.

In Arizona politics I heard a variation on Gandhi's "First they ignore you...."

It went, "To silence a man, take his bread. If that fails, take his blood."

The amount of money in trade deals such as NAFTA and TPA suggests a variation on that.

"To make a politician sign a bill, offer him security. It that fails, offer him an alternative to living."


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