Supporting Young Youtube Atheists is important. For those who might want to support our young atheists who are making their first tentative attempts to "come out" as atheists/agnostics/secular humanists/etc. on YouTube:

Two are new YouTubers, and every extra view can add a little more self-confidence (remember high school?).  One link is a video of encouraging words for the younger crowd from one of us.


Who else has found New YouTube channels of atheists just coming out?

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Actually, the first and third links are the same one, and the second one is dead.  I subscribed and liked and left a comment mentioning Atheist Nexus to encourage this young person.  It was very moving to see a young person sitting alone and reaching out and sharing his thoughts on atheism with the anonymous world.
Thanks for the heads up. I think I have it right now. The one with the girl in the hoodie jacket has a voice that really tugs the heartstrings.
I haven't found any new ones -- but I really appreciate you linking these YouTube videos.  I will have to take a look at them.
I just adjusted the links. They should be working correctly now.

One way to find new atheist videos is typing 

atheist, today

in the YouTube search bar, FYI.

I subscribed and left comments, and hoodie girl just friended me on youtube.
That's great. The feelings of isolation and exclusion that come with those years, compounded by the unpopular pursuit of truth through rational thought, can be reduced so easily by kind gestures like yours. Thank you.




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