Supreme Court to Hear Case on "Legislative Prayer"

The US Supreme Court is schedule to hear a case about "legislative prayer" involving the town of Greece, New York.   Town of Greece v. Galloway is a case where the local town council always opens it sessions with a prayer service. Believe it not, the concept of "legislative prayer" has been held to be completely constitutional for quite some time. It last came up in the 1983 case of Marsh v. Chambers (no, not "Marilyn the Ivory Soap Girl" for you 70's porno fans). In Marsh the state legislature of Nebraska had hired a chaplain to open their sessions with a prayer.  In finding Nebraska's paid preacher passed constitutional muster, the US Supreme Court stated that this was an acceptable practice so long as the prayer was not used to proselytize one particular religion, or to disparage any other faith or belief.

In Galloway, the federal Appeals Court reversed a judgement, entered by the trial court, basically throwing the out case challenging the actions of the city council as promoting the Christian religion over all others, in violation of Marsh. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal by the city council. And, while the fact that Louie Gohmert and Michelle Bachman, among other right wingers, have signed off on an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief filed by the notorious Family Research Council, supporting the practice, guess who else is siding with the religious. Yeah, sports fans, the 44th President of the United States, one Mr. Barack H. Obama. The Justice Department has, through the Solicitor General, decided to lends it's considerable weight to this practice.

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jumps right into the 'liberal.. pastor? lame.. 
anti science indeed. like the 'popular science ' comments going black due to shitty comments from them.. wow. look it up. few days ago. 
nice. yes ! the half and half theory...!?
bad fruits ! ? interesting nomanclature...
they do want to die! see!@!!.. and why is their area of the world like that? riddle me that.
let scientists of the hook!? that's foolish.. what the? Stewards lack of sleep just surfaced...
Yeah yeah pish posh . a motherfucking liar will push the button .. the tech is not at fault. 
computers don't hack people do. guns are just tools.. yet they're for destruction hello
hrmm... pessimism .. that's fundy! exclusive fundy imho. 

w/proper education and a lick of curiosity; maybe throw in proper diet and exercise regiment; freethinkers parents.. usa is a heck of a place. you 'can' live... don't have to be all shitty.. wait til you see the drivel i found from baptist church . odd shit! 


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