Sure thing. Atheist monument at Florida courthouse.. pick your source:

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Initially, before reading the article, I thought this was the wrong thing to do. I'd much rather see no monuments outside courthouses. Silverman is a pretty smart guy though so I thought there must be something more to it. As I see it, he's trying to open the spigot for all religions to put their junk outside the courthouse. At some point, the religious knuckleheads will finally realize their monopoly is over. It's only a matter of time before some religion places a monument that totally pushes them over the edge. Maybe Vegas set up odds for which one will do it.

In the meantime, there will be an accumulation of trash outside the courthouse. How is that good for anyone?

Frankly I'm all for this "rub their noses in it" technique that Silverman is using here.  It's far past time that these ying-yangs learned that the US is NOT a christian nation, and those who want to behave as though it is can do so in the privacy of their own spaces.  Those who want to do so in PUBLIC can stay after school.

Words can not explain how blown-back I am by this whole thing. Even reading the comments on this article; and others like it; the Rebecca Vitsmun incident for instance. The comment ratio I've noticed was at least 3 Atheists - 1 Christian... It seems like everything has reversed overnight. I'd go onto articles like this expecting some kind of entertaining religious debate, and instead I'm beaten out by 4 others saying things better than I could have.... I think I'm going to take up some hokey religion and start arguments with that. (JK) 



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