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Surreal, not just found in art.

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Burning high speed windmills look surreal to me.

"Due to high voltage and technical fault so it is fired and running high speed"

This terrible windmill fire is bad news. Much of the state of Washington is agricultural or forested. There are windmills on many of the farms. If a fire started there, how would they put it out? Are the farmers prepared and trained to fight such catastrophes? Many of the small towns have all volunteer firefighters. They get help from Dept. of Natural Resources, DNR. 

Those chunks of burning debris give me a real nervous feeling. Was anyone hurt? The article didn't tell of any damages, besides the failure of the machines. 


I don't think anyone was hurt. I understand these are an old style of wind turbines. Presumably newer ones are safer.

On a lighter note... ain't pareidolia great?

That's an outstanding geode.  Looks very much like a laughing face.

Looks like Cookie Monster, complete with blue!  COOOOKIEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Didn't notice that, but there is a resemblance:

What is a pareidolia?

"medical Definition of pareidolia. :the tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful, image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. The human brain is optimized to recognize faces, which could also explain why we are so good at picking out meaningful shapes in random patterns."

Grinning Cat, an excellent example of pareidolia! Let me see if I can find one. 

This tree, in the CA wildfires, burning from the inside is surreal. 

I'm pretty sure I saw that in NBC Nightly News last night ... eerie!

That is an interesting burn! I'll share it with Laura and Larry. 


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