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Surreal, not just found in art.

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This is not a tiny man riding a woman's back.

There are more uncanny tricks of alignment and viewpoint at Buzzfeed's "24 photos you really need to look at to understand".

LOL Thanks, Napoleon.

This arty abstract fantasy world is a real landscape of Namibia.

"The eerie, long-exposure photo below captured the flames burning across Yosemite’s rolling hills."

Picture This: Eerie Wildfire

Halloween! Scary costumes! But wait! The real world is even more scary. Check out these health workers in Sierra Leone.

image source

To me this is surreal.

On a "lighter" note, Jude Redfield, a meteorologist at WDRB in Louisville, KY, made good use of greenscreen technology for his Halloween costume as an animated skeleton!

(from cheezburger -- the video actually has sound, which you may need to unmute in the lower right)

A new twist on twerking.

from cheezburger

The crooked forest in Poland was created, not natural.

The Crooked Forest Unique Curvy Trees In Gryfino, Poland

The Crooked Forest consists of more than 400 pine trees. The reason this forest is named “The Crooked Forest” is because of the unique shape of trees. All trees grow with a 90 degree bend near the base of the trunks.

This is not a freak of nature but rather some experiment of humans. Nobody knows why the trees were made to grow this way but it has been assessed that the trees were allowed to grow normally for the first few years and then held down with something heavy so that they would become crooked.

This explanation for the crooked forest of Gryfino, Poland, is undoubtedly true. However, there is a phenomenon in nature that indicates earth slump.

Vegetation Indicators of Slope History and Stability. I observed many examples of this when I lived on the Kenai Penninsula, Alaska.

Bent trees, slope stability testers

Fake Hong Kong skyline for tourists because the actual one is so polluted.

Heartbreaking Photos That Will Inspire You to Recycle

Some photos of our world are surreal in a horrible new way.

Images from China forshadow our 10 billion future. They look  Photoshopped.

20 photos that show how insanely crowded China has become




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