Survey: What criticisms or pet peeves do you have about fellow atheists?

I decided to stir the pot a little this morning with something I have been thinking alot about recently for a blog I am planning in the future.

Does anything drive you crazy about fellow atheists?
Any criticisms? Any comments or behavior you would warn against?

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No problem.
wow. did not know there were "criteria" other than non theistic thinking. is there a rule book somewhere? a "bible" of sorts? :) I do find the peace that I have since loosing my religion unsetteling.

editorial note: appoligies for any bad writing. I am doing this on my phone and cannot see what I am saying?
I hate those who go out in the world looking for a fight. Searching endlessly for a theist so he can stand there and tell him how wrong he is.
I've been that person on occasion... and it is one of my biggest pet peeves now as well. All it ever did was solidify their stance, and drive certain friends away. To me it seems there is a definite transition, and in that series of events there are stages one must go through. So I try not to be critical of people who are combative with theists, unless they are just trying to be "know-it-all" jerks... then it is always nice to pull out the mirror and ask them to look at themselves honestly. Most people when confronted will see that they are being just like the religious assholes that they are attempting to debunk.
I irks me when I encounter an Atheist that feels as though their worldview makes them superior despite their desolate life-style.

'Sure I'm an unemployed basement dwelling virgin, but I know the TRUTH!!"
Hey now, some of us can only dream of having a basement.
Atheists and/or anti-religious individuals that vandalize churches. I may have a disdain for the ideas circulating around many of these churches but that particular form of dissent (spray-painting upside-down crosses on walls, breaking windows) is incredibly juvenile and incredibly distasteful.
While we'd likely all agree with you on such a thing, do you have any actual evidence or specific instances that confirm these things are [typically] the acts of atheists?

My understanding is that upside-down crosses infer Satanists (or dumbass bored kids who think they are satanists). I'd be very circumspect about assuming vandalism of a house of worship are the actions of those who lack belief and/or are anti-theist activists. Just as I wouldn't assume the vandalism of a Jewish cemetary is necessarily the act of atheists, or even neo-nazis.

Keep in mind that the burning of black Churchs in the south were invariably the acts of (white) Christians.

To paraphrase Freud's comment about cigars: "Sometimes a mindless act of vandalism is just a mindless act of vandalism."

Just a thought,
The upside-down cross symbol used by Satanists and the term "atheist" have cross-pollinated in the social circles of a number of confused youths in my hometown. Because both carry anti-establishment connotations, they seem to be lumped together by these kids (with the help of the religious). So yes, it may indeed just be a case of bored, uninformed kids rebelling against authority. (But it is clumsy of me to imply their guilt when the issue is still being resolved)

On the other hand, what I was more specifically referring to was a video of a Q&A session following a PZ Myers speech in which an atheist audience member asked the speaker to give him tips on how to vandalize churches or desecrate religious symbols. And PZ basically replied with "don't get caught".

I realize those kinds of actions aren't standard practice for atheists. I should have prefaced my response to this post with "My criticism of a particular atheist at a PZ Myers lecture".
Holy shi!! If thats true, I just lost all respect for Myers.
Do you have a link to that video by any chance? Is it on Youtube?
Ive searched the net and youtube and can't find anything about Myers suborning or encouraging vandalism of churchs.

Can you please provide us a link that supports this contention. I'd hate to think we are making judgments on Myers based on hearsay and without solid evidence.

"Another example, atheists who think that divorce can be a rational choice when the couple has children: doesn't research prove that that's not a valid conclusion?"

(Tongue in cheek) Doesn't that depend on your definition of "rational"? :-)




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