Survey: What criticisms or pet peeves do you have about fellow atheists?

I decided to stir the pot a little this morning with something I have been thinking alot about recently for a blog I am planning in the future.

Does anything drive you crazy about fellow atheists?
Any criticisms? Any comments or behavior you would warn against?

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I realize I'm late to the party, and this thread seems to have ended, but I just have to add something.
The one thing that drives me crazy when talking to other atheists... The one thing that I never say anything about because I don't want to be that person who nitpicks instead of responding to the content of a post...

"Athiest". :)

Sometimes it's a typo. I've been known to type things like that myself. But there are some people who consistently write it that way and probably think the word's supposed to look like that, and I think I know why.

It's because we all learned:

I before E
except after C
Unless it says "A"
as in "neighbor" or "weigh"

Thanks a lot, 3rd grade spelling rhyme. This is clearly your fault.
In England, they recently advised teachers *not* to teach the i before e rule.

Perhaps it was a nod to atheism. :-)

I occasionally find myself accidentally mistyping "atheist", but just out of an effort to type quickly. I tend to catch other typos fairly quickly (but not always). The misspelling "athiest" seems harder to catch for some reason, so try to remember to pay extra attention when typing.
I do the same thing. I have to switch them fairly often. I know in my head that typically all "isms" start with "i", and therefore the "e" comes first, but I type it before I reason it out. But, "Athiests" isn't so bad when you've seen "Athesits" multiple times from the same individual.
I don't like when Atheists seem overly bitter, lack a love for life, have a general existentialist apathy, or are completely self-righteous... Aside from just being annoying, it gives religious protesters something to talk about and wards off potential de-converts...


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