Her name is nearly a household word, along with the rest of the Manson family. She had been in prison since 1971. Does anybody, besides me, feel that maybe these people should have been granted parole? Especially Charlie! He may have masterminded it, but lets not ignore the fact that he didn't actually kill anyone. Even mafia bosses who set up hits don't do 40 years on a life sentence! Not that I condone any of their actions, but come on! 40 years! Child molesters and serial killers get out well before that! This was such a high profile case that it seems impossible for them to get considered for parole in the same light as a less notorious murderers!

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The idea of releasing them was compassionate. The procedure was anything but! The mentally ill can not be released in the same way as "Joe Convict". There must be a suitable treatment and housing plan. I am a serious advocate of re-integration. Of course there must be viable options of release to meet the needs of the diverse group of people in question.

I believe many people being released from prison reoffend because of a lack of structure upon re-entry. Most states cut you loose and you are on your own! This is ok for some, but others may require some type of psychiatric care, Drug/alcohol therapy, or even some type of transitional housing to prevent new releases from being homeless. Homelessness is a powerful motivator in the commission of new crimes.

It seems that the biggest issue put forth by the public is taxes! If we don't spend money to deal with this issue do you really think it will go away on it's own? Most people have no problem paying higher taxes so we can go into another country and utterly destroy their infrastructure, ravage the land, and kill the innocent with the guilty! But when it comes to trying to assist in the betterment of the lives of our own downtrodden They scream no!

Oh yeah, Manson should be housed in a psychiatric facility, I agree. LOL
Even I have to draw the line somewhere and pedophiles are a good place to get the pencil out! LOL! No, seriously it would have to be a case by case decision. There are so many different shades of gray that much case research would be needed. The whole idea of re-integration is to determine who is a viable candidate for the program.

As for the horrific nature of murder? Well, it is what it is. Nothing can change the fact that the victims are dead. The question is where our humanity lies in dealing with the people who commit these crimes. We can be as barbaric as they were or we can try to deal with it in a more humane way. Not all murderers are socio-pathic. On the same token, not all murderers are worthy of re-integration.

My earlier comments on re-integration were more or less for criminals in general, not any specific type of criminal. Society views any criminal as not worthy of a second chance. That is truly inhumane.
Yeah, thats our great American justice system at work! LOL The History Channel, or The Discovery Channel had that shit on! They wasted an hour of air time, which can't be cheap, on busting the horny guy with an extra $20 in his pocket! Those shows make me sick!

I was busted for posession of coccaine years ago and I didn't get five burly cops taking me down! LOL And I was not on TV! Now I am really pissed! :-)
Oh, and since this discussion couldn't really get any more off topic, you know who I really hate? Dog the bounty hunter! LOL! Gimme a break! That has got to be the most innacurate portrayal of a bondsman I have ever seen!
Does this compassion extend to the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, or Saddam Hussan and his sons?
Apparently it does in Scotland! LOL!

It is quite funny that if it was an American accused of terroristic acts in a foreign country not too many us would support the foreign countrys accusations or their methods of dealing with the accused. This has been proven many times over. Patriotism has a profound affect on our interpretations of justice. It is hard to be compassionate to such people due to the magnitude of their crimes.
Apparently its built into their legal system.

In N Ireland, many murders have been released purely on political grounds, in fact some are actually now paid to run the country and snuggle up to President Abama on their days off.

They killed Police, Army, civilians, children, women, dogs and cats, nothing was safe in the name of power, and their reward, power.

I agree with John D a bit more compassion for the victims and less rewards for the bad guys would not go amiss


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