What happens if you're atheist - does that technically give you the permission to lie?
I've never been to court so I don't know other than what I've seen..is there a different practice if you are not catholic of any kind of division?

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thanks for the quick replies!

Absence of religious belief

If an oath has been properly administered and taken, the fact that the person to whom the oath was administered had no religious beliefs at that time does not affect the validity of the oath.

in Victoria Australia... Is it the same around the world?

Regardless doesn't it defeat the purpose of taking an oath in something you don't believe in? If you were thoroughly opposed to the bible why would you even want to touch that thing?

I wouldn't mind holding up my right hand to my chest and swearing i be truthful under the law itself - but with the bible included it's kind of.....stupid.

don't you love the "..had no religious belief at that time..."

unreal! i should of done a google search. bad me for opening a discussion like this! lol




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