Heyo! I'm brand new to the Nexus, so please pardon me for an flubbiness. I wasn't joining the site just to ask this question, but my life has been getting more and more hectic recently and it's seeming inevitable as time goes on.

I won't bore everyone with the long and complicated story leading up to this, but myself and two of my friends/roommates may have to take another roomie to court over not paying utilities. Her family is well off with money and will likely be able to hire a lawyer and I don't want me atheism coming ruining my chances...

To put it bluntly, I don't like the idea of swearing on the Bible. I'm not completely familiar with South Carolina law yet, but I'm positive it's a requirement. Should I make a stand and refuse to swear on it, just go with the flow, or what?

Thank you in advance.

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I doubt if it would make much difference if you were not having a jury trial. Judges are less likely to be offended by it, IMHO.

Another non American here.

Swearing on the Bible or God is an oxymoron or paradox in court as it is supposed to be beyond reasonable doubt.

I've affirmed in court on several occasions and rejected the Bible as being without evidence. That wasn't lost on the jury as they are making a judgement based on evidence and if they themselves believe in a god without evidence then they are not fit to be judgemental.

However I was only a witness and not the defendant.

I had to swear on the bible during my divorce years ago. Even though things were going clearly in my favor I did not want to take even a tiny risk of not getting custody of my kids. I live in the bible belt.

I am guess this has long ago gone to court.  How did it go?  Was it just small claims court?  They might not waste time with swearing in for small claims.
I had to swear on the bible once.  I said "Fuck you bible!".
No problems here in Britain where I confirm my morality and honesty and ignore that there bible-book of the death cult which is christianity.




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