Hello dear fellow critical thinkers and feelers ( yep, thinking critically doesnt mean mean behaviour or hearts of stones;)., Im thrilled to join this community and I will do my best in posting what's up here in the nordic hemisphere of scandinavia. I was looking for a Swedish org or community for agnosticism/ Atheism but so far only found the Humanist political party. Anyone know of a non political movement in scandinavia or I have to start one myself? Both ways I'd be delighted;) Any Swedes around then feel free to contact me, the rest of you all out there can bugger off ! Xa Xa haha! Just joking. Its with please I embrace any one outside myself! Merry Christmas and have a great solstice!

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There are quite a few Swedes on the Nexus, Anders. Here's a post from another Swede. I think there are links in that post to other people on the site.





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