Would anyone like to revel with me in the sweet irony of Gluten free communion wafers for vegans?  [true story]

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Okay, I'll bite (if you'll excuse the pun).


Gluten-free communion wafers for vegans is hilarious. You'd figure that someone who's going to think enough about what they eat to become a vegan might have an issue with a religion that wants them to eat something that they're not only allergic to, but which goes against everything they believe about food.


Sure, Jesus, I'll eat your flesh and blood! Just hold the gluten, please.

But gluten is a product of processed wheat. Many vegans still eat bread and thus don't avoid gluten. The gluten-free products are more for people who are avoiding foods due to allergies than due to moral qualms.
Yes, I know that vegetarians and vegans eat gluten since it's plant-based, but we're talking about a product that according to Park Bierbower (original post) is marketed as both gluten-free and for vegans. Already the ritual itself of eating flesh and drinking blood goes against the ideas of veganism I would think. But then even the real-world substance used in the ritual (wafers which normally have gluten) isn't for you if you're allergic to gluten, so it's like a double-whammy from your god. It should kind of make you think that this religion isn't for you (in addition to the fact that there's no proof for god, of course).




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