Sylvia Browne, who made herself a fortune as a psychic, has died at 77. She had predicted she would die at 88 and she died as she lived—in error. Cause of death was not released, but I suspect it was due to the shock of finding out one of her predictions had proved correct.

Browne wrote 40 books that were staples of the New York Times best-seller list year after year. She made many public statements on TV that were wrong. Two notable ones were telling the parents of missing children that they were dead. She charged $700.00 for a phone consultation and her public errors never seemed to reduce her book sales. James Randi challenged her to a test of her psychic abilities and she refused because he was not a Godly man.

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Well, i'm not happy when someone dies. But, she preyed on the weak, and made a killing. I saw that clip with James Randi, and she cleverly flipped the script on him as if god was the default position. She had to be a slick talker to take all that money from those people. I'm sorry to report that i have relatives who are nuts about john edwards. They went to Houston to see him. This is one reason i'm not on facebook. If i spoke out against their hero, it would be ww3 on facebook. 

John Edwards, like Sylvia Browne, is very good at "cold" readings. Both are deceptive and dishonest. You can say that people are to blame for letting themselves be fooled, but the perpetrators are also to blame. Randi has done a worthwhile thing in exposing the fakery.

Agreed Dr. Clark - cold reading - that is how they do that so called "psychic" readings.

When I taught school many years ago there was a boy whose mom made her living as a physic.  Her son left risque messages on the answering machines of women using another child's name.  We teachers often joked about how she should have known... :)




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