Researchers at the California Institute of Technology developed synthetic RNA that destroyed lab grown human brain, prostate and bone cancer cells seemingly without harming healthy ones. The synthetic RNA reacts to the mutated RNA in a cell that is causing it to be cancerous. The result is that a third type of RNA is created in the cell which is attacked by the body's own immune system. (The immune system thinks it is a virus.)  The cancerous cell resultantly dies. Noncancerous cells were not measurably affected. The work has been published in the 9/6/10 issue of the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 

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It can't be soon enough as far as I am concerned. I think the red tape will come from the Food and Drug Administration. There are probably a lot of people who would try it on an experimental basis.
Naaaah, I think Jeebus heard the prayers of the pietri dish brain and healed it!
Scientific proof: I had a papercut that really bothered me... after only a month of prayer, it looked almost like the thing never happened!!
Now we get to wait and see what this stuff does in a complete system. If I read the story right, all those tests were done on cell cultures, not organs. Lot more testing to do with the whole body.

If I had cancer though, I would be first in line for testing.




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