DALLAS— Dallas megachurch pastor T.D. Jakes says a last-minute change of plans saved him from being killed in a natural gas explosion at his home.

Jakes told thousands at a Sunday service at The Potter House that he would have been getting dressed near the blast last weekend had he not suddenly had the feeling he should call off an early morning meeting. The blast ripped through an area of his 15,000-square-foot home did not result in any injuries.

Jakes’ voice shook day during his emotional account of how he and a church member who drove him to the church would have been in the middle of the blast. He said “caskets would have been lined up” in front of the church.

Jakes praised God for keeping him safe and said the close call has made cleanup of the wreckage at his Fort Worth house easier to deal with. He described his situation as “inconvenient, but alive.”

Lt. Kent Worley of the Fort Worth Fire Depart¬ment said Sunday that his investigators found the blast to be accidental. He said the sunroom where the explosion was centered had a gas-fed pool heater and a large gas-fed barbecue grill.


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Well, I gotta keep my blog going by putting up a new Fundamentalist Jackass of the Month each month as the title suggests. I was running out of fundamentalists. Obviously, I don't confine it to preachers, priests, ministers, et al., but I must have some way of googling their foibles to do a good job. Jakes came up for some reason. Terry I already used, along with Tony (the PAC man, not the actor) Perkins. I usually wait until almost the end of the month to make the award.


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