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maybe a longish dropdown menu idea but ynot one for 'Forum'?

Is there any particular reason that my personal page no longer has the background and fonts I had for years?  I used to have a nice tiled wallpaper on my page and some cool text colors and fonts, now it's just plain blue and boring.  What's up with that?

I find your comment to be quite ironic considering your recent response to another member on this site to: 

"grow a back bone and 'come out'.  Logic is on your side.  TRUTH is important.  If your dad loves you, he will live with your being an atheist."

Tonya, your posts about this thing are everywhere and in wrong topic mostly. I've had suggestions to you once about it myself, but try to contact the site administrator or Richard Haynes personally. The Flying Atheist may be able to help you with this. It is an Internet thing and has nothing to do with the Atheist Nexus site.

I hadn't looked at the tabs in a while. Nice to see that 'Get Active" tab!




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