TAking a break from dissing Christian Fundamentalism in the Americcan South

This is quite a provocative video about how some marching Muslims see the world - a scary scenario when it is in your own back yard.

Protesting in England

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tell that to women in TX or NC.. (voter ID law just singed there.. yikes

haters. racist mental masturbators.. yep

Scary indeed Russell.

A very disturbing video.  The muslim ideology of putting their laws above the laws of their adoptive country creates quite a volatile situation.  Nothing good comes from religious persons or groups who think they are above secular law.  And like christians who believe they need to roam the earth converting as many individual souls as possible in order to save them, muslims are trying to infiltrate whole countries in order to change the laws of democratic governments.  I don't like it.  I don't want to accommodate or tolerate their barbaric views.  This is a topic of discussion that should not be restrained by political correctness.      

This is a truly terrifying glimpse of the future if the loonies are left unrestricted. The definition of a fanatic as a person with an open mouth and a closed mind is rarely so well illustrated.

It is worthwhile checking out Pat Condell for the situation in the UK which is very worrying. http://patcondell.com/


Pat Condell is indeed a very good reference on this matter.  He has spoken at length about the multicultural attitude Great Britain has taken toward islam and muslims there and what it has cost that country.  His comments are pointed, frequently acerbic, and not at all politically correct (a good thing, IMHO).  Add his commentary to Sam Harris' assertion that it is the radical islamists that are most accurately portraying the teachings and practices of the quran and you have a very dangerous mixture indeed in western society attempting to provide cover for an islamic culture.

I doubt that islam could gain such a foothold in the United States, if only because the US in so many places is so determinedly christian.  There have already been bills drafted and voted into law forbidding any occurrence or application of shariah, though such laws are likely found in places where there are those who would eagerly submit the people to Mosaic law!  There you have one brand of madness being fought be another, with neither marque being particularly palatable.

And now I'm hearing about Al Qaeda making itself known in Syria, interested in turning that nearly broken country into an islamic state.  The madness is out there, people; it is incumbent upon us to keep our eyes and ears open to counter those who would keep their minds closed.

I've learned a lot about this evil religion from Pat Condell.  Brave man.

Thanks for the link - Pat Condell is a good speaker and makes some great points.

Just noticed I'm not such a great typist - embarrassing topic title.  That's what happens when you post something late at night on a whim just before turning in to bed.

How can you get that wrong ? It's happening in my my backyard !

'Who are you trying to seduce ?' Well, I'd prefer the woman in the burka. Any woman with orange hair and an orange dress isn't trying to seduce anyone.

This is how that lady must have felt after talking to those protesters.

They think they are being persecuted because their perceived right to persecute is being infringed upon. And they are so self-righteous in expressing these views. I hope the UK has stopped allowing immigration from those areas of the world. Given enough time local culture will gnaw away at the corrupt values of the children of these zealots.




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