Simply put, religious argument on Facebook, I quoted Deuteronomy and Exodus concerning the stoning of non-believers and children, and one friend says,

"Nam, you take everything literally. There's the flaw of your research"


Now, what are my options?

Obviously the Bible CLEARLY states you must KILL non-believers, not just hurt them because they were mean to you.

What would you do?

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I'd ask the "friend" to point out the instructions in the bible that clarify when and where one is to stop taking such things literally.  Show me.  And if the friend can't, then I'd ask why I should take any of it literally...or seriously.
Second part, don't get.

Your friend’s statement implies that there are some parts of the bible that should not be taken literally. If that is true, then how can ANY of it be taken literally, unless there are clear instructions as to when it is OK to disregard “god’s” biblical law(s).  It is either the word of god or it isn’t.  And if it isn’t, why should anyone take it seriously? It's just an old, outdated book.

Ah, I understand now. Thank you for the clarification.
You're welcome.  Good luck with your debate.
I agree with this. If the Bible is not meant to be taken literally, then ask your friend why the so called word of god would be written in "code". I mean, christians can go back and forth on this. In the end, the bible is a buffet to them......they think it's ok to pick and choose which parts they believe in. If the word of this so called  god is not always right and not always literal, then how can humans, with all of our fallacies, determine which parts are correct and which parts are not?
Your friend is picking and choosing what to take literally and what not to.  Ask him why he takes anything in the bible literally and what is his evidence that it was written by a supernatural being.
Yeah. The theist will then probably respond to this argument with some incredibly lame double talk in an attempt to defend this indefensible bullshit (as that is the only response there is).

There is a chance at this point that they will start to realize how it all is bullshit upon hearing it spew from their own mouths.

Not much of a chance, but it was arguments kinda like that that helped me along my path from theism to atheism.
acient beliefs.......some of them are not applicable nowadays
What is the purpose of the bible if you don't take it literally. If they don't take it literally why do people who oppose homosexuality continual point to the bible and say that it is an abomination? Like someone else said earlier it is cherry picking. The pick the ones they agree with and discard the ones that conflict with them, but they still have the nerve to say that the bible is infallible and the absolute word of god, or was it created by men who were inspired by god? All of this makes me confused when I debate a Christian.

One half of an imagined reply...


"ah - so some parts of the bible ah not to be taken literally?"


"Which parts?"


"How can you tell?"


"I agree big bloody boat not very likely, an articulate donkey rubbish right?

 What Christ returning from the dead - isn't this just a metaphor for 'renewing the spirit?' Oh I see.  Right THAT really happened.  Uh-huh  really?  Evidence please.


See you are picking and choosing; no you are - how do you know which parts are allegory, yes yes I know you think it but how do you know? What process do you use to make that assessment?


Oh I see it's juts something you feel?




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