Do you take the Lord's name in vain?

Do you find yourself saying things like "for God's sake!", "Heaven help us", etc?

Or do you, as an atheist, make a conscious effort to abstain from using these figures of speech?

I'd be interested in hearing fellow atheists' thoughts on this.

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Thanks Napoleon!
How very interesting.  Is that why nose plugs were invented? Keep out SATAN.  I wonder if those nasal strips work, as well?
I tend to use them still, just because it is ingrained in my speaking habits. I don't really see the purpose of curtailing what I say when by the Christian standards I grew up with I was already doomed to hell for saying them before I made the change to atheism lol.

Regarding OMG  

I think I have never said "Oh my god", but instead I've said thousands and thousands of times "Oh my goodness". 


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