Do you take the Lord's name in vain?

Do you find yourself saying things like "for God's sake!", "Heaven help us", etc?

Or do you, as an atheist, make a conscious effort to abstain from using these figures of speech?

I'd be interested in hearing fellow atheists' thoughts on this.

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In case you didn't know, the back story behind saying 'God bless you' after a sneeze is based on a believe that sneezing got the devil out and if one was blessed before inhaling the devil wouldn't get back in. It probably dates back to the dark ages and plague. It's probably better to say 'Do you want a handkerchief.'

When someone sneezes it is better to say 'Gazuntite' because then you don't have to give them your snotty handkerchief.


The word 'gazuntite' is not in the English dictionary or the German dictionary by that spelling. It also is not in the Urban Dictionary yet the word is sometimes used when someone sneezes. It is generally argued that the word comes from German and means 'good health'. It is not a blessing from a religious person.

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On the other hand, the work Gesundheit gets 329 million matches on google.

It's german for "Health"

Thank you, you are right. The English and German dictionaries define the correct spelling of the word. The alternative or wrong spelling only gets 854 results on Google.

Thanks Napoleon!
How very interesting.  Is that why nose plugs were invented? Keep out SATAN.  I wonder if those nasal strips work, as well?
I tend to use them still, just because it is ingrained in my speaking habits. I don't really see the purpose of curtailing what I say when by the Christian standards I grew up with I was already doomed to hell for saying them before I made the change to atheism lol.

Regarding OMG  

I think I have never said "Oh my god", but instead I've said thousands and thousands of times "Oh my goodness". 



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