Some of my favorite atheists on youtube are Dark Matter 2525, Christina Rad, The Cult of Dusty, and the Amazing Atheist. My youtube channel is for my music mostly and an occasional rant. I do post on political forums and fight Russian troll, Nazis and White Supremacists. I have trolled Christian chat rooms by giving them fact and logic enemas. I think I have made a difference in some people's lives and I know I have pissed off a lot of pious hypocrites.  

What things can be be doing to bring logic and enlightenment to this very troubled world? I take it to right wing Christians and I show them no mercy. I also pose as a liberal Christian who ignores all the gore in the Bible and creates dissension among Christians of different political stripes.  Pitting the Republican Jesus against the Socialist Jesus creates a lot of cognitive dissonance There is a saying, "psy-ops because physical wounds heal."

I think there is only one Christian chat room left. I have been busy trolling them. :-)

America is in an information war and I want patriotic land of the free home of the brave Statue of Liberty America to win it.  

Your thoughts?

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Not crazy about some of the deceptive stuff but for the most part I say go for it.  If one chooses to enter the internet then hey you might get exposed to some stuff you never considered, so provide it for them and maybe you might enlighten a person or two.

Not a great one for trolling, myself, but if you can avoid the vitriol and stick with facts and evidence, my suspicion is that the long hall will show you well in the plus column, Chuck.

Rock 'n' roll!

I see certain people as enemies and liars fall into that category. Liars and BS artists should be deceived and kept in the dark Eisenhower used subterfuge to will world war 2. Theists do horrible things in the name of God.

Federal agents have infiltrated biker gangs and the KKK and other hate groups by posing as one of them. Keeping enemies in the dark that is psy-ops 101. 

Has anyone ever had an honest debate with a Christian? Eventually they will lie. The hard core ones lie sooner. In the chat rooms a simple honest question about scripture will set them off and they go on the attack if they can't lie their way out of it.

I don't go there to prove there is no God because nobody can prove there is no God but using there own "proof" of God we can prove that their Bible aka Word of God is BS or that their god is absurd, cruel, dishonest, and mentally ill. You can't do that is you start saying, "There is no God and you can't prove their is." I would rather impeach and expose their God and the collection of short book upon which they really to justify their belief.

Faith is dangerous thing and so is believing in fairy tales. I think about the Dark Ages and I have to wonder where humanity would be had it no been for those 100's of years ignorance. The Middle East descended into their own dark ages.

Religion is like a recreational drug in that it is probably better not to dabble in that lifestyle at all but there are safer drugs than others. I'd rather have my kids smoking weed than meth. If hardcore Christians and Muslims switched to Unitarianism or Buddhism they would be a lot more benign than they currently are. In fact Buddhism is about enlightenment. The Abrahamic stuff is about fear, guilt, ignorance and mind rot.

Beliefs effect attitude and attitude effects behavior.

One of my favorite tactics is to go all Calvinist on them. That really does a number on their heads. 






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