I recently came across this article in the online version of the Indian Express newspaper.

Taliban cut nursing woman’s breast, asked others to eat pieces: UN-...

Now, as grotesque as it is, I was originally skeptical, given a couple of things. First, other than a few blogs, none of the larger media outlets have reported on this. In fact, the only source I have able to find for this story is IndianExpress.com. Second, we all know how much India and Pakistan hate each other. Therefore, I would not have been surprised had this been nothing more than Indian propaganda designed to demonize Pakistan and Pakistanis.

On the other hand, it appears that the Indian Express is a legitimate news outlet that has garnered some journalism awards. If, in fact, this is a legitimate story, then I feel a justifiable outrage regarding other media outlets, especially in the west, not covering this. Is this in the the same vein   as FOX, MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, et al., not wanting to publish Danish cartoons for fear of reprisal or "offending" someone?


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yet another example of religion causing problems:(

Yes, it's very sick!

Taliban is still being mollycoddled by Pakistan. Pakistan lives by propoganda.

Agreed that Pakistan mollycoddles the Taliban. But I'm still wondering if this Indian propaganda, considering there is only source. Grant you, it's something I certainly believe Islamic fundamentalists can and would do. Acid in the face, slicing off a nose, or letting female children burn to death for not having a veil, fits that mind set's modus operandi.

If you study India, you will find that it is poor in propoganda.

MADHUKAR, do you mean that India has a lot of propaganda, or that there is very little propaganda?  

Was I so vague? I mean India does ot indulge in propoganda.

US says Afghan Taliban not the enemy - YouTube

  V.P. Joe Biden announces that the Taliban is not our enemy.

Do you remember when the atrocities committed by the Taliban were used to inflame the U.S. citizens into accepting our invasion of Afghanistan?  Remember the public executions in the soccer stadium that the people were required to attend, and to CHEER? Remember the dogs dressed in U.S. flags, doused with gasoline, and set on fire?  Remember the girls' schools set on fire, with the little girls inside?  I remember.  The Taliban IS my enemy!

Agreed Dogly. The Taliban is my enemy. As is Pat Robertson, ultra-orthodox Jews, Iranian Ayatollahs, Hindu nationalists, and religious fanatics of every stripe and kind who prey (every pun intended) on others.

MADHUKAR  - You stated, "I mean India does ot indulge in propoganda." Did you mean "does not indulge" or did you mean "does too indulge." I know it's only a typographical error, but in this context, one that makes a difference. If you meant the latter, I agree, since it is a common trait of all national governments - mine included. If the former, I don't buy it for a second, considering it's a common trait of all national governments - mine included.


For years together, Pakistan mislead the world by its ability to do high decibel propoganda and Indian diplomats looked like fools. It only now that we have learned to deal with this technic. You will understand this if you closely study Pakistan propoganda and Indian replies. 

It could be accurate - here is another version of the story in the International Herald Tribune.  The abuses are rampant.  It's not clear to me that this is definitely Taliban vs. other tribal conflict within Pakistan.  I would not doubt that Taliban extremists are capable of such acts, but I also would not doubt that different tribes can behave that way with each other.  The IHT article does not specify Taliban per se but the India Times article does state Taliban.  It IHT article does tell of other crimes, such as forced prostitution, rapes, then punishing the rape victims by "honor" murder because of her sexual "disgrace".

As always, war is hell, everywhere.  There are usually abuses of every imaginable kind.

I would not assume that any story is 100% accurate at first glance, but often there isn't a lot to go on.  I saw a video of a man, apparently in an African country, beaten, a tire placed on his neck, covered in furniture, doused with flammable liquid, and set on fire.  The associated article made claims about the reason why he was killed (supposedly because he was gay) but with no story other than that.  I chose not to pursue further or link, even though the video was obviously of a brutal gang murder of SOMEONE, because there was nothing other than the unattributed video to go on.  Maybe he was killed in retribution of a crime, or ethnic killing, or political, or antigay, or who knows?  But the claim in the article was this was antigay.  (It was also too horrible to watch and I didn't want to traumatize people who might happen onto it, and it might violate the TOS of AN).  All I'm saying is we have to be skeptical of our sources.

Thanks for the link, Sentient. Which brings me back to my earlier point. Why is western media so enamored with a quicky Kardashian divorce, yet outrages like this, and the ones described in the IHT, go largely unreported? 

Dogly is correct in the assessment that similar stories were used to whip up war fever in the US, not only for Afghanistan, but Iraq. Just as stories of "Huns" raping Belgian women whipped up war fever in 1914. Problem is, now that the fever has broken, and we're all sick of these never ending wars (until the next one), real atrocities, committed in the name of religion, go largely unnoticed.

Maybe it's similar to the lack of contemporaneous coverage of Rwanda in 1994, or East Timor in 1975. The news outlets can't make enough advertising revenues from insurance and soft drink companies with stories like this. Or, then again, maybe they're just too chicken shit scared of "offending" someone.




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