I attended this years The Amazing Meeting #9 in Las Vegas in July and will be posting video footage, pictures and news from the event. If you have been to a TAM meeting in the past please share your experience and suggestions. If you're interested in attending next year just click on the banner for more information or go here



July 20th 2011 - This years TAM is hailed as being "the best TAM yet!". Being a first TAMer myself, it's hard for me to make a distinction however I think it's safe to assume that any Atheist friendly event with a Doughnut and Bacon Party has got to have outdone itself.


I arrived early on the 13th for good luck. The cab from the airport to South Point Casino was around $35 bucks due to road closure. There's a cheaper shuttle but I missed the last one (trying to figure out which mode of transport was appropriate). "That's the last shuttle leaving right now" said a "helpful" valet. I was told there would be someone to pick me up but those plans must have fallen through... no problem. The cab driver says the economy is better in Vegas than in Los Angeles. 


Upon arrival I registered for my room without event (thank you Randi & JREF). I cruised over to the Del Mar lounge for Skeptics in the Pub (the unofficial kick-off) but not knowing anyone and no one knowing me makes for an awkward self introduction at best. Especially for a group of skeptics. So I lurked a bit to see if I could figure out whom was the Atheist. Funny reminds me of the old Howard Stern bit "Who's The Jew". And I'm sure TAM has a large Jew Atheist audience as well.


I attempted sleep for an excruciating period of time before waking sleep deprived to greet the "Official Start" of TAM 9. 


[more coming!!!]



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Thanks for filling us "unfortunates" in. I look forward to your posts. Are you attending "Penn Jillette’s Private Rock & Roll, Doughnut and Bacon Party"? I definitely would be interested in hearing about that.
That's a great pic.




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