If you guys haven't seen the video that brought her to my attention:




If you don't want to be angered, don't watch the video.


Beyond that, it seems the rest of her channel is the typical run of the mill, bible-thumping fundamentalist fare, with lots of anti-atheist rhetoric. But the sad part is that I feel that there are other fundamentalists who share her sentiments (not just the "the tsunami is revenge for Pearl Harbor" idiots). For every disaster, there's always some pundit saying that it was God's punishment or warning for sin. That absolutely sickens me.


How can a religion that promotes peace and forgiveness be so disgusting? Yeah, I'm used to those intolerant to atheism, but this just goes too far.

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I guess he's meaning Poe's Law, which states that it is hard to tell apart the parody of fundies and the real thing. And yeah, for someone to be that dedicated to it....braaavo *shuffles off mumbling about whippersnappers*
Apparently she is a female Edward Current, who I find quite funny. I am looking forward to seeing more of her vids but her site seems to be down presently.
Yep, She's a Poe fo' sho'. :)

Is there another link to her original video?  Seems it is no longer available.(?)


I've seen Thunderfoot's commentary on it and yes, it is pretty obvious in that short clip that it is simply a Poe.


I have been to Sendai in the past.  I am deeply saddened by the pain and sufferings of the Japanese people at this very moment.  Yet, I live in a country (Philippines) where moronic Catholics and Christians behave and believe in the same bat shit as the girl (Tantampamela) has perfectly portrayed that I can only AGREE with her 100%.







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