I was in line at Wallgreens, reading a magazine when this elderly women said "those are interesting tattoos you have". I just ignored her because I know that sarcastic tone when I hear it. Then she said "to me, there nothing but a sign of your atheistic hedonism"! An before I could give a response she said "I forgot something" an got out of line. In retrospect I hope it was soap she forgot, to wash that shit out of her mouth. But I said nothing.. Why? Cause she wanted me to.. She almost demanded that I would react. Then I'd be not only the A-typical tattooed carnie, but also the atheist she perceived me to be. I'm sure she told the other nut jobs in the pews of her adventure. But at least she couldn't tell them what I did or said without lying. In fact I find it highly unlikely she told of how I comported myself respectfully. I really understand how religion makes people do or say wicked an evil things. What normal person would insult a stranger?? I must admit I do reflect back an wish I tore ass into her, but then I'd be no better than her.. Well she is a monotheist.. so I guess I am better than her :))

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Yeah I've heard Xtians say that about tattoos - they also say that about piercings. I have a lot of piercings.

I like the look myself : )

the irony here was she would be the first to condemn me, yet as much as I lament her religious garbage I'm the first to defend it! No one has the right to strip a person of there religion, of there freedom just because they don't like it.. To bad they will NEVER return the favor!

What normal person would insult a stranger??

The old lady probably had an emotional reaction to your tattoos, and simply made up an argument to fit her sentiment. From her point of view, your appearance was disgusting. You offended her first. And she is right.

I think I read a survey that 50% of the population find tattoos revolting. So, statistically you are going to disgust half the population if you display your tattoos in public. It's nothing to do with atheism, it's an emotional reaction. 

Listen to what the person's heart is saying, not what their words are.


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