n the Florida primaries for the Republican ballot we had Rick Scott a
multimillionaire running for Governor. Rick Scott made his fortune
running a company called Columbia/HCA. This company ended being at the
certain of a Federal investigation for unnecessary lab reports,
falsifying reports to increase Medicare reimbursements, among others.
The amazing thing is that, besides all of this he still made onto the
republican ballot.

Rick Scott was never charged with any crimes, but if you are running a
company you’d most definitely know something this large was happening
right under your nose. This is the hypocrisy of the Tea Party they foam
at the mouth with corruption in the government. But they worship these
elites who run these corporations that are ruining America yet they run
under the banner of an Grassroots movement when they are anything but.

If the Tea Party get their way and run the country the way they want.
It’ll set back much of the progress and reform we have made. They’ll
ruin the progress we made in balancing the economical disparity here in
America, The rich will just get more rich and the poor will just keep on
being poor.

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