Hi !  I am a high school teacher in the midwest.  I am very Atheist and very anti-religion.  I do not bring my beliefs (lack of beliefs?) into the classroom or at school at all.  But outside of school, I am very open and proud of it, and many of my students with whom I am acquainted outside of school know it.  I have never once had any negative feedback about it; in fact, I have received many positive comments, even from students who are religious but who respect my point of view. 

Are there other teachers in here who are Atheist?  I would enjoy hearing from you.

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I'm an Atheist teacher. Enjoy meeting you. I am glad you joined the site.

This not a subject that you are feeling proud.Atheism is our inner vision our point of.Atheism is not thing for feeling proud.If you are an atheist don't show that you are feeling proud to the other people.Because Atheism the religion of human-hood.

Why should we have to hide our feelings? Religious people don't.

Yes, I was a NYC teacher until two years ago...and I always told my students I was an Atheist...My experience has been a positive one as well.

I am not a teacher but there was a time, long ago when the mournful calls of mastedons echoed across the  great prairies, that I was a high school student in a small midwest town.  I had a science teacher who was avowedly atheist.  I was in absolute awe of him.  Courageous, smart, geeky, nice guy.  He was an amazing role model.

I am an instructor in the post-secondary school system. Because of college policy, we do not discuss religion or lack thereof inside the classroom. There are some former students that I have remained friends with who know and are very receptive to my point of view.

I "never" discussed religion inside a high school or post-secondary classroom but there are three subjects that always pop up when teaching literature; these subjects are geography, history and religion.

Hi Shane and welcome.  The positive comments and the respect your students show you is a perfect example that a person can be good without god.  Keep it up.

It's encouraging to hear that you can be out and an educator within the US... I'm an ALT, so not a full-fledged teacher, but I lead most of my classes, so it's been great experience. The teachers here are often surprised to hear that I'm not christian, but it's not a big deal. I did find out a couple of years ago, that my school was once a private catholic school. Some of the students are christian, as many of their mothers or grandmothers also went there, but it's not something that crops up in class. The few times it has, I've told them that my family is christian, but that I'm not. As I'm here for cultural exchange as well as teaching, I figure there's some blur room so long as I remain factual and informative only.




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