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As long as he isn't preaching or giving religious bias throughout the book, I wouldn't get upset about who he wants to thank. It's his acknowledgements section and he should be able to thank whoever he wants in it.
I basically agree with PRG. But I tend to wonder a little bit about the technical competence of what follows. Not to prejudge, but it sets my early warning BS detector a little finer.
Yeah, jeez! It's not like he just won the Superbowl or anything.
One the one hand, he's certainly within his rights to put anything in his book that he wants, presuming the publishers will publish it as is.

On the other hand, that he did indeed put that in there and in a TECHNICAL document would at least for me lower my appraisal both of the author and the contents of the book insofar as the contents' credibility and/or reliability are concerned.

It may be that he is expert in whatever field is the topic of this tome. That he indulges in such an overt anachronistic display does him no favors from where I sit.
I'd return it. I'm sure Amazon has a liberal return policy. If the text just irritates you every page or two, why bother? There must be another book on the material without the voodoo.
When I come across that kinda crap I like to black out the dumb stuff and turn it into a Mad Lib:

To my Lord and Savior nephew, Jesus Christ Morgan Freeman, thank You for my blessings erection(s) and opportunities poop. Apart from You, I can do nothing cartwheels
I have a book with such an entry in it on a .net language. One of the other two authors thanked HIS partner. Now if they could get along enough to co author a book then why should I get petty about it. If the technical reference is accurate then let things be.
So long as the rest of the book isn't religious, it's fine.




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