The first thing Cruz said when he got to the podium in Indiana was "God
Bless Indiana." 

It's a lucky thing that God was listening because He didn't know that He was supposed to do that today.

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yes definitely - and with carly garbage mouth fiora as his veep we are likely to see a replay of the Holy Inquisition.  Try to convince both hillay and bernie supporters that they must stop fightig annd support the democratic nominee  regardless of who it is!


Bingo. If Bernie is a sore loser and he and his followers do a Ralph Nader 3rd party run, i will never beleive he was anything but a narcissicistic spoiler. The most important thing will be to join together in a coalition that is not perfect, or even good enough, but far far better than the alternative.

Have to say, I don't see Bernie as a sore loser.  He recognizes how bad the GOP has gotten and the damage they could do to this country.  He may go all the way to Philly ... but I think he'll be a mensch once he gets there.

I hope so as well - and that he shows the leadership to campaign for his followers to do the same, especially vote.

Right on, Daniel.

Loren, if mensch means a person of strength, integrity, honor or compassion, a gentleman, I think you are correct. Bernie is not a spoiler, I hope!

Ditto. Bernie isn't a narcissistic spoiler.

He is at least pulling Hillary to the left, which is where I want her to go.

If she's nominated I will vote for her.

I will then do what I for too long did not do: join with people who lean on presidents to move them the way I want them to go.

Doing nothing to move those I voted for is a piece of crap that religion long ago taught me to do. Like prayer, it failed.

Prayer is ineffective, inefficient, and reflects powerlessness. If we want change, we have to be the change. 

I think it is time to use the Firebrand methods that David Silverman describes. 

Silverman starts at his talk at about 19:47

Daniel, what does "ferling" mean or is it your fingers miss those small things to push on your phone?

Yes, Tor Johnson and Vampira ("I don't have to blow some goddamn dentist to get a part.") make quite the lovely couple. (Stole it from farcebook.) Thanks for the memories, Ed Wood Jr.!

Vampira was strictly her creation and a forerunner of Elvira, Queen of the Dark. She was Mailia Nurmi and Tor Johnson (Tore Johansson) was a Swedish wrestler. They each did a few movies.


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