Hello fellow non-theists! Good to see a large grouping of you all in one place. It's a relief from all of the blindly religious people that I've been surrounded by all of my life in Van-tucky, Washington (seriously, there's a church on every corner I swear). Anyway, I've identified as an atheist since about 6th grade. I wasn't really raised religious, but my parents raised me assuming I'd believe in god (and be a right wing nut... HAHA, funny). Luckily, I used that silly little thing called brain power and pieced the puzzle together on my own and decided that the idea of a god is pretty ridiculous, and religion is even more ridiculous. I don't need to rely on imaginary friends to get me though my life. I remember saying when I was in elementary school something along the lines of, "I don't want to follow the rules of some god, I can make my own decisions." I toyed with the idea of religion in about 3rd grade for a very short time period, only because my very, very, VERY Catholic babysitter tried brainwashing me. I didn't understand the religion or god thing at all (which is how they get you). I'm really glad I grew out of that quickly. 


Some random facts: I play guitar and piano, and I do photography. I hate school (shocker) but I have about a 3.8 GPA, so I guess I'm good at school to some extent. I'm going into my third year in student government, and I manage the cheer team. So, I guess I'm pretty involved in my school, and I like that. I love planning events. Other than that, I spend a lot of time (and most of my money) going to concerts. I've been to over 50 at this point, and I won't even be 18 until September. Uhh, let's see... Well, I definitely DO NOT fit in where I live. I've lived in rural farm land my entire life. While it can be pretty at times, I'm in love with the city, so I'm excited to get the hell out of here once college rolls around. 


I think that sums it up for now. Oh, and I write a lot of pointless rambling, in case it wasn't evident enough already... Anyway, I'm glad to be here surrounded by you fine folk.

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We're glad you're here Vanessa! =)
Welcome Vanessa!!

Wow,-----you sound like a Dream Teen.  :)  Hey,----keep up the great GPA.


Keith in Arlington, Texas  (talk about the Bible Belt.....)

6th grade? You got out early...lucky (took me 17[ish] years).

I know how you feel about towns with a bunch of churches. My hometown (don't exactly live there anymore) has like some 16+ churches for a town of 16,000. Heck, our "motto" is the Village of Faith. Its not rural or anything, just isolated.


I love the city as well, which is why I also got the hell out of my town and chose a college in a big city.

There are that many churches, really? I guess we must be lucky here (just a bit south of you).

Hey :)




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