I imagine a lot of people here get drunk occasionally, and sometimes use drugs. As a person who has recently given up drinking (not an alcoholic or anything, just want to give it up for several reasons), I am beginning to see Religion as a self-imposed form of delusion, but also see being drunk, buzzed, or high as the same thing. Question is, can you be a "bright" and still be a "drunk" even an occasional one ? Not that we cant fall off the wagon every once in a while, but to be an advocate for occasional drunkenness or getting high seems to be at odds with being rational. Thoughts?

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My bet's on the old man. Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill.
In regards to diet...a extremly strict one is not necessarly the best for your health. Its not difficult to eat a variety of foods and have an appropriate nutrient/caloric intake. And there is nothing wrong from deviating from it from time to time. Strictness like that reminds me of religion, because it dictates what you can and can't do, not matter how you are feeling. It teaches you to not "give in to temptation", however in the long run, eating healthy becomes a way of life, rather than a strict set of rules to follow. And...alcohol is in fact not the terrible thing that many think it is. In moderation is ok, and often good for your health. and irregardless, there are many worse health habits than drinking alcohol.
Gotta remember, there's this thing called evolution, over thousands and millions of years.

Early on we did not have grocery stores stocked with "diversity". We are not evolved for "diversity".

S-man's obsession with purity may be religious in its zealousness, but that doesn't make him wrong about health. We live in a decadent society, I've met plenty of fat fried chicken wing eating atheists. As a North American society, we take pride in our wastefullness and decadence, it is what we are, our very essence of an obese society.

Yeah, we could change it, but that would require obsession, and we don't want it right, we want the "freedom" to eat all the junk we eat, cuz then we prefer to pay for the pharmaceutical companies to sell us pills instead of the cheap way which would have been to take better care of ourselves.

But we make our choices right. Just stay away from that 'short' evolution concept. all wrong there...
hundreds of years... evolved, AAhahaha

That's a good one, thanks for the late night laugh :)
Please video and upload to youtube! Can we, as rational atheists, place bets?

Oh Talia... shall we start another discussion topic? I mean, can you be truly rational if you want to gamble away your hard earned cash?
You see, my dear Ms. Talia... it's a slippery slope. You start with toast and coffee, and then you're gambling your home and/or first born dog away for a crack pipe.

I highly recommend the benefits of Breatharianism, and no impure thoughts!




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