I imagine a lot of people here get drunk occasionally, and sometimes use drugs. As a person who has recently given up drinking (not an alcoholic or anything, just want to give it up for several reasons), I am beginning to see Religion as a self-imposed form of delusion, but also see being drunk, buzzed, or high as the same thing. Question is, can you be a "bright" and still be a "drunk" even an occasional one ? Not that we cant fall off the wagon every once in a while, but to be an advocate for occasional drunkenness or getting high seems to be at odds with being rational. Thoughts?

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Ok folks... I really think this discussion has run it's course...

Lets all leave it be, please...
To reply to your original question here, I would say
a) that it would seem to me irrational NOT to have an occasional drink.
I sometimes wonder if we are not indeed hard-wired to occasionally get high to allow a new perspective, to allow us to process our reality, our hardships our daily life in a new way. Perhaps we are evolutionarily predisposed to use these naturally available substances to expand or change occasionally. It is, after all, a phenomenon throughout all cultures the world over, from ancient to new. Fermented fruit gets you high, and it must be that we have been getting a little high since we let that first apple go too long in the storage basket.
b) a glass or two of wine once in a while at dinner should not induce anything but a mild warmth and ease of presence that might act as a social lubricant, no? doesn't this allow us a leg up evolutionarily speaking?
c) everything in moderation, even teetotaling, imho.
I had beer two times and wine two times, and then I realized that all alcoholic stuff is bad for you. I now only eat fruit, and sometimes fish and lettuce; all drugs are bad, even the legal stuff sold at the pharmacy, but there should be no laws against the stuff and people should just be smart enough to not use the stuff. You would be health conscious like me if you thought your friends would think you were a shmuk if you used the stuff.
I was being ironic...by accident. Actually, I was being serious, not that life has to always be serious, but it is not the case that in order to have a good time you have to use certain "foods" or chemicals.
That's fine for you, but for me, I need a lil sometin' sometin' to get me laughing WITH life for a moment, cuz frankly, with the world in the state it is, it is no laughing matter. The rich are getting richer, the middle and poor getting poorer, and our natural environment is dying. Yes gimme some mind bending substances, I need a break!
It's not that people can ONLY have a good time when they're partaking of some mind-bending substance. That is a huge misconception for the vast majority of people who partake of such things. Ever worked out really hard and enjoyed the wonderful endorphin high? (which combines well with pot I may add ) ;) We're all drug users.
Now I'm really confused. I'm pretty sure an essential component of irony is intent. I don't think it's possible to be accidentally ironic, though that's an amusing concept.
What if you don't intend to be ironic but then others think you are being ironic and then you lie and say you intended to be ironic? And I still think it is probably not healthy to desire to derive pleasure by using certain drugs or foods or substances rather than just doing activities and having a life.
I have been on a strict health promoting diet since June 2008. I permanently got rid of my desires to derive pleasure by eating delicious food. You too can quit drinking or whatever you do.
It could be the outcome of Orthorexia Nervosa.
Loosing my desires was probably a necessary side effect that I didn't realize would happen at first but now I'm glad I only eat the few things that are healthy and realize that everything else is too gross.
Eating is just a body function, and should be no more or less enjoyable than using the bathroom. The purpose of eating is just to put fuel in our bodies, not to have a delicious good time. Vegetables taste bad because they have natural plant toxins; don't eat them. Fruit tastes good because it is healthy. Packaged poisons, like chips cereal and whatever, taste good because they have east to digest nutrients we need, along with a bunch of poisons we don't need.




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