Teleological, Fine Tuning of The Universe Argument For Existence Of God, Debunked In A Single Sentence!

Science is trying to understand how the universe appears to be balanced/tuned, it does not know why and because it does not know, it cannot make any assertions, and to assert that god exists to fine tune the universe, because scientists don't know, is a god of the gaps, or better known as an argument from ignorance fallacy!

There you are, the fine tuning argument is just another god of the gaps, baseless, assertion by religion.

So we can forget about arguing with such fallacious nutjobs.

Their arguments are just empty rhetoric.

They have nothing of substance!



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Agree! It seems that the "God of the Gaps" argument is quite often used by theists. It's rediculously silly.m

I agree. This is what they come up with when they have no real answers. They answer this way and it still leaves god in control. They make fun of our answers, but mostly we say we do not know if something remains unknown and that's it until we have evidence.

The theist, he just starts spouting his bible or claiming personal experiences. It's laughable!

So true Concerned and Michael, though I like George Carlin's take on the issue of theistic thinking.

Though George Carlin didn't go far enough.

Tell them that a skydaddy exists to give them absolution in an afterlife and they will fight to the death to defend it as truth, yet they will still touch the seat to test that you are right about the paint being wet.


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