Televangelist Jim Bakker claims he predicted 9/11 disaster

We live in an age of prophets. Christian prophets. We are, in fact, rolling in them and almost all are out there predicting apocolyptic doom and gloom and often raking in a tidy profit doing it. Some take a risk by making very specific prophecies, like California's Harold Camping who made headlines earlier this year when he predicted "the Rapture" would take place on May 21, 2011. Others play it safe by predicting the end of the world is coming soon but without saying exactly when and croaking ominously about the "signs and portents" they see in every natural disaster or social meme they disapprove of. Still more play it even safer yet by claiming that some vague forecast of doom was a prediction of a specific tragedy... after the fact.
It's in this last category that televangelist and former Assemblies of God minister Jim Bakker falls.

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He must've read PNAC (projectforanewamericancentury) 's manifesto on the 'pearl harbor-like' event that who knows maybe they were all promised hoards of mindless believers ... sheep xtian/muslims to sprout magically in AMerica.. that backfired
Lol gotta laugh at these idiots.
Yeah, agree with you there.
Hindsight is 20/20...




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