What is your take on the flamboyant televangelists that fleece gullible people of their money for the promises of miracles? Should the government protect these people, same as it protects citizens against pyramid schemes, etc? One such is coming to south africa soon. I attempted starting a campaign against this fellow coming to Johannesburg, and some of his followers wanted to chop off my head!

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Which one would that have been?


A US Senator from Iowa held hearings concerning several of these televangelists, the ones who spread the so-called "prosperity gospel." Nothing came of it though and the matter was quietly dropped after several of them opened up their books. Very disappointing. Yet I do not think the government should step in and protect people from these crooks - it's a matter of free speech to me.

They do piss me off a lot.  But, honestly, people are stupid, if its not a televangelist, then they will find something else to follow.
Ignorance can be cured - stupity not so much.
Televangelists are parasites.  But free speech is important.  I wish there was a televangelist of "critical thinking."
there should be!  Except you don't make money off of that....
As much as I dislike them, they have a right to say what they have to say as long as it doesn't incite violence against someone else.  People have a right to be as dumb as they like.  They could always change channels to Jerry Springer or the Cartoon Network.
I do love Springer though.  : )
I do, too.  It's kind of a guilty pleasure.   I'd 1000x rather watch Jerry than Kenneth Copeland or any those others.  I'd probably learn a lot more too.  LOL!

They are inherently evil. They say thing are so when they have absolutely no proof of the matter.

They are so easy to imitate. One hand raised clutching a bible and the other a mic walking back and forwards on a dais saying "praise the lord" or some other such drivel and having some stooge yelling out yessir! OK or the like. A bit of organ music and keeping the script in neo Jacobean English.

Total, revolting rubbish. And they are rich con artists. 

I'm a free speech absolutist, and I agree with W. C. Fields that it is morally wrong not to separate a sucker from his money.


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