Tell Congress and the Prez to take a sequester pay cut too

The petition is here

From MoveON

Congress is about to impose furloughs amounting to a 20% across-the-board pay cut for 800,000 federal employees, more than 44 percent of whom are veterans.1

And yet, where is the same 20% cut for Congress and the president? Are they not federal employees? Aren't these the people who keep telling us that everyone must share the burden?

The across-the-board cuts set to go into effect at the end of the week will hurt the economy and they should be stopped.

But if Congress insists on cutting anyone's salary, they should cut their own paychecks first. We pay their salaries. That's why I created petition on's petition site,, which says:

Any across-the-board pay cuts for federal employees must include the same pay cuts for all members of Congress and the president of the United States.

I just signed, and forwarded the petition to my friends. Anybody with me?

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This is what kills me about Congress: they hammer everyone else while they remain untouched.  ENOUGH!!!  If the sequester means across-the-board budget cuts, there is NO REASON why Congressional salaries shouldn't be included.

It is far past time that those fat cats suffered the same pain as those they inflict it on.

I will sign Ruth.

I support this wholeheartedly, although I think it's probably a wasted effort. One of my young friends is being furloughed with a 20% salary cut and no idea how long it will last. He works for a navy research installation.


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