I would like to do a piece on my blog, Releasing Religion, regarding mixing God & government.  And I'd like to know what opinions people have here about doing such a thing.  Some points to mention are:

Glenn Beck is well known for arguing that we have misunderstood that founding fathers & their desire to keep church & state separate.  Holding his rally on 8/28, he gathered 150.000 people to hear him talk about bringing out country "back to God".  What do you think it would do to our country to "get back to God"? 

The Tea Party has been called racist Chrisotcrats. In their recent convention, most conference sessions began with prayers.  What do you think of the Tea Party?  Do you know very little about them?  Do you know a lot?  Please share your thoughts here.

The piece will be posted on www.releasingreligion.blogspot.com

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The libertarian paradox: they want entrepreneurs to be 100% free, without regulations of any kind (including anti-trust laws.) But if (when?) corporations eventually achieve this, they'll get effective control of the government, or of what's left of it. Either directly or thru lobbies and puppets. Essentially, they'll BE that government. Now, how do you call a government who controls all the economy? :P
Yes, government is ours. It's all that stands between us and a totalitarian capitalism.
An alarming blind spot in the libertarian world view, that business owners are somehow more noble and trustworthy than the working class or government officials. Libertarians will not like the dystopia they are clamoring for, because precious few of them will have any say whatsoever in how it's run. They all think they're the ones who will be the captains of industry, but of course, almost all of them will be serfs in this new feudalism.
If you ever find someone that can : please let me know!(they might require medical attention from the stress of trying to reconcile too many absurd contradictions at once)
Right now I'm watching a group of different representatives of the tea party from around the country on "The Last Word"(on MSNBC)....these people have no clue. They aren't stupid, they're simply ignorant and deluded. You expect this sort of shit from theists, their world view isn't fact based to begin with. But politics, the people it effects, and it's consequences are REAL. They accept propaganda as truth, their views are almost entirely based on faith, not fact. It is no different than believing in god. They get their "facts" about health care reform from the insurance industry, "facts" about global warming from the industries that helped cause it, "facts" about economics and banking from the crooks that took all the money in the first place. The language of their world view is the equivalent of NewsSpeak. Provided to them free of charge from the carny barkers Palin, Limbaugh, Beck and the rest of the snake oil salesmen at FauxNews, all bankrolled by the billionaires that aren't done stealing everything yet.
Politics in this country has been turned into a circus of surrealism.
Welcome to "Neo Fascism: American Style, stage 1- the birth of."

@Maia- You did ask us to tell you what we think of the tea party.
:) That I did. And I'm getting it. Opinions are exactly what I'm looking for. Facts are just as vital, too, but so many of you have formulated your opinions from good hard facts, so I don't need to stress that angle.

It is astounding to me the more I read about the Tea Party the more I see their roots in religion. 81% of them are VERY Christian. Only 15% of them don't affiliate with a religion at all. This is what frightens me. And I feel like I'm starting to get closer to what they're talking about in terms of "God in the government". From what I can tell, it's their own religious beliefs that are shaping so many of their political beliefs. I.E. Abortion, Rape, Secularism, Gay marriage.... some political candidates appear to be more radical than others, but I'm having trouble finding a TP candidate that ISN'T radical when it comes to mixing their religion & politics. This was what made me create this thread in the first place. I honestly hoped to be proved wrong. But the more I read, the more you folks post, the more information gathered... the more it all leads to this conclusion.

Example: Ron Paul-arguably the brainchild of this entire movement-has openly endorsed Chuck Baldwin (also supported by my all time favorite Glenn Schumck). Chuck Baldwin's party declares, "The goal of the Constitution party is to restore American jurisprudence to its biblical foundations and to limit the federal government to its constitutional boundaries."

Sharron Angle is against abortion of any kind, even that of a daughter who has been raped by her father. She calls it, "Making lemonade out of lemons." This makes me physically ill.

Only 18% of TP members support gay marriage. Hmmm.... why could that be?

And so many of them believe our government has "overstepped the boundaries of its God-ordained spheres" and should be completely restructured or overthrown all together.

So now it becomes for me about two things: trying to weed through all the religious right-wing beliefs that have never made any sense to me. And secondly, trying to get to the root of their other issues which do not have an affiliation with the Christian religion. This is going to prove difficult. It's so hard for me to willfully ignore such radical stances on a woman's right to choose, on a person's civil right to marry who they want. And it's hard for me to watch people who are craving this kind of movement get swept up in it without understanding it. For it appeals to a Christian sensibility (if those two words can be used together in the same sentence).

And, a bit off topic, why is "The Daily Bible Guide" one of the advertisements at the bottom of my Atheist Nexus Page???
The ads on A|N are supplied by Google using word-matching. We talk about religion a lot on A|N, so Google thinks we want to see ads about religion. Computer software is still at a very primitive stage when it comes to a truly symantic understanding of text. Individual words are easy to scan for. Understanding their meaning in relation to each other pretty much still requires a human. Google would have to hire a lot of humans to provide truly contextual ads and it would take a lot longer than the few milliseconds it takes for a page to be served.

I see david perry mentioned Ross Perot's Reform Party. I believe there is a large overlap between the Reform Party and the Tea Party. Both have a morbid interest in the national debt/deficit. I don't think the Reform Party was as bedrock loony as the Tea Party, but I see them as fellow travelers, for the most part. I suspect if you look closely, you'll find a lot of people who were members of both the Reform and Tea parties.
the two stats that you presented, 81% being very christian, and 18% supporting gay marriage add up to 99%. hmmm. well, we know the very christian are against gay marriage.. so it would seem to me that the 18% that are for it might be the 18% that aren't very christian. correlation I know, but its nice when numbers add up so nicely.
I think an interesting question would be "what would the movement look like if John McCain had been elected?" Although I struggle to remember a liberal movement of this Caliber [since the civil rights movement] (at least in my short 23 years) I wonder if there would have been a backlash to any establishment with the collapse of the economy. Is that the true stimulus I wonder? If not, it might lend more credence to the idea that this is manufactured political maneuvering by the GOP to accomplish their goals of displacing Democrats in congress and the House, whilst staying detached and unaccountable for the reactions their political assassins create. It sounds conspiracy theory, I know, but just because it sounds that way doesn't mean its not true.
The GOP is beating up Dem candidates with the idea that the stimulus didn't work and was $700billion wasted. To go with your conspiracy theory, think back on the months after the stimulus when Rethug govenors, particularly in the south, claimed not to want the stimulus money and made big shows of refusing to spend it. Most of them did end up accepting funds, but they delayed projects so much that the stimulus money is just now starting to create jobs. This was often in the states that needed jobs and infrastructure repairs the worst, these govenors would rather see their constituents lives go in the toilet than let Obama and Dems have a win. Its the same thing the Republicans have been doing in Congress. Like with healthcare, what passed was their own bill, but they would never have tried hard to pass it because they knew it is unworkable. Now the Dems bought and own it and will not have the votes to make it better. Both parties are just shills for corporate America.

F%ck Tea. This country needs a viable socialist democratic party or we will be a third world nation within 50 yrs.
This country needs a viable socialist democratic party or we will be a third world nation within 50 yrs.

I agree. I was a member of the SP - SDF (Socialist Party Social Democratic Federation) for years and have a much different perspective than the average citizen about Socialism (who basically know little to nothing). But Socialism was roped together with Communism by the Capitalist interests and demonized for decades [insert picture of Joesph Stalin at May day parade intercut with thousands of marching Chinese soldiers] so the average person thinks they are one in the same - which is of course horseshit.
The most economically, socially and environmentally stable countries are the Scandinavian countries which are Socialist.
Of course there are few governments that ideologically pure, but the ones that lean strongly Socialist seem to fare the best.
Sharron Angle is against abortion of any kind, even that of a daughter who has been raped by her father. She calls it, "Making lemonade out of lemons." This makes me physically ill.

@ Maia - Wow, this is really scary. Thanks for metioning that. I didn't know she said that. I had heard something about the making lemonade remark but I never caught the whole story. What is scary is she is such a prominent figure in the elections. That remark shows what a complete inadequate idiot she is.

I know this is not winning me any popularity contest around here but the democrats say things that scare me just as much sometimes. It's hard for me to figure all this out. I'm realize I am a huge fence sitter and I know sometimes that can be very annoying to people who are firm in their beliefs but I am trying hard to make a concertive effort to firm up some of my views and beliefs. Even in regards to how "out" to be with my atheism because I am not out at all.

Not one person on my Facebook knows the extent of my true religious views. My close family members have the same religious views as I do so I have not had to struggle in that regard. I also have begun to realize the way I express myself can come close to troll like behavoir and all I can say to that is I just hope some of you can see that I am very serioulsy trying to firm up my beliefs and as of right now - I'm giving the tpers the suspicious stink eye. I wasn't doing that at all before I started participating on this thread.

I have been reading every post on this thread and until I started saying what I think and felt, I was harboring a lot of dismayal at the opionins expressed about the Tea Party especially since I so much agree with atheist causes. I was just going to take it in stride and not say anything but as the thread kept going and going and going I just could not take it anymore. I was overwhelmed with the overwhelming negative opinoins of the Tea Party from my fellow atheists.
I know this is not winning me any popularity contest around here but the democrats say things that scare me just as much sometimes.

The only thing that won't win you popularity contests is not giving examples of what you consider outrageous. You have been asked this at least three times now.


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