I would like to do a piece on my blog, Releasing Religion, regarding mixing God & government.  And I'd like to know what opinions people have here about doing such a thing.  Some points to mention are:

Glenn Beck is well known for arguing that we have misunderstood that founding fathers & their desire to keep church & state separate.  Holding his rally on 8/28, he gathered 150.000 people to hear him talk about bringing out country "back to God".  What do you think it would do to our country to "get back to God"? 

The Tea Party has been called racist Chrisotcrats. In their recent convention, most conference sessions began with prayers.  What do you think of the Tea Party?  Do you know very little about them?  Do you know a lot?  Please share your thoughts here.

The piece will be posted on www.releasingreligion.blogspot.com

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I love your perspective on things. The analogies you bring to the table really help make things much more clear to me about the way I've always felt. It will help me in dealing with my wonderful in-laws, who support the Tea Party & are very Christian. I love them, but I just don't agree with them on this piece.

The infrastructure point is an extremely good one. I can't imagine getting on the LA highways out here and having to pay tolls on each one. I mean, that would be ridiculous. That's what it's like to drive through West Virgina. :)

Great analogy about the nose. I'm going to use that one.
W. Virginia? The parts of NJ I've been through are toll infested as well.
I think tolls are literally the only way W. Virigina makes income.
I think tolls are literally the only way W. Virigina makes income.

Is this how legends are born? "In West Virginia, there's a toll under every bridge."
Don't forget Chicago.
Another reason is one one people don't think about. They think health insurance costs are just about them. Some of it is to offset the cost of those without insurance.
It's like they cast a "charm" spell over us. I am very much not a fan of Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly, but I force myself to listen to them from time to time just for a different point of view. And sometimes I *almost* find myself agreeing with them.

@ Maia - I also try occasionally. I can only take about 5 minutes of Beck (unless he starts talking about religion or the founding fathers or starts writing a lot on those retarded black boards) - then it's total eye roll and time for an instant channel change. I have to admit that Beck cracks me up with the way his body language and facial expressions communicate his complete exasperation with liberals. If it was not for that comedy, I could not listen to word one of anything he had to say so I guess you could say that for me (that is "his charm").

He keeps me listening only because I enjoy seeing him get so worked up but then I know what you mean when sometimes he says somethig and you *almost* find yourself agreeing with him. I can see how to liberals there is nothing seductive about it - to them his brain is plain out of commission and he is a nothing but a ranting lunatic. I also crack up at Colbert and Stewarts' satirical ways expressing their complete exasperation with repubs.

Now O'Reilly - basically the same thing. I find his brisk, no bullshit, no nonesense, cut to the chase, aggressive, don't give a crap about being diplomatic manner rather comedic. I can take about 15 minutes of him, occasionally.

Jason wrote:
But whenever anybody sounds like they're giving you a good argument, always ask yourself what they are leaving out.

Yeah, that's what got me into this mess in the first place (tying to find out about the things "they" are not telling me). So you could say it is good that I did not simply close my mind down and decide to no longer seek for a different perspective because if it were not for my willingnes to do that very same thing back when I was a Christian - I would NOT be on this forum today - I'd be sitting on a bench pew, sacrificing another piece of my brain at the alter at each Sunday morning service.

The process of leaving my beloved Christian faith was an extremely painful one - it took about a year and it was 30 years ago but it is something I will never forget and that pain that I suffered is why I am so passionately participating in these atheists forums at this time. God only knows (just an expression) how much grief I could have saved myself had forums such as these existed back then so I am sure that people struggling with their faith today will be able to resolve the matter more quickly in these times due to easier access to knowledge and others' perspectives. This can create a snowball or critical mass situation for the cause of atheism and atheism become an very important political influence. I hope to live to see this happen. It would be very exciting.

One more thing I wanted to add. I have had an epiphany lol. I now define the Tea Party in this way - A large group of angry frustrated Americans that have gained popularity due to their "easy answer" stance (when in fact - there are no easy answers).

Someone from this thread e-mailed me about this "easy answer" angle and that struck the deepest chord of all within me. But of course, all of the members participating on this thread have also compelled me to abandon my sympathetic leanings toward the Tea Party.

Didn't someone else on this thread compare the "easy answer" seductive component of religion to that of what is causing the successful momentum of the Tea Party? I seem to recall such a post. Who were you? I have dial-up and it would be too difficult to find that post.

I guess you still have to give them credit for exposing the social climate in this country that peoples frustrations in this country are getting to the "boiling point". When a lot of people begin to reach this stage - interesting things can begin to happen. Let's try to find the time now and again to grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. If somehow this ole world as we know it survives - this period in time will be a fascinating read in the history books or on the Kendalls or whatever the hell they will having going on in the future.
Ancient Chinese Curse:

"May you live in interesting times."
Ancient Chinese Curse:

"May you live in interesting times."

Love that! Funny. How fitting.

Yes, the word "interesting" is a loaded adjective.
Yeah, that is a great line. People are much more likely to survive and thrive during boring and predictable times.

And Linda, I think the "easy answer" depiction of the Teabaggers is about right. They really seem to try pretty hard to avoid thinking in complex terms. That usually leads to disaster in politics. (I also can't remember who raised the "easy answer" idea on the thread.)
Park, that's one of my pet peeves. In our evolutionary history, competition and cooperation were both important. I personally believe that cooperation is by far the more important tendency, but libertarians seem to think that competition is all that matters. That leads to some really bizarre and inhumane conclusions, but on its surface, who could seriously disagree that competition can inspire excellence?
We can't get off oil because the oil industry controls our national energy policy. We will continue to jump from one war to another because our national defense policy is run by the defense industry. Healthcare policy is decided by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. We have deregulated the banking industry to the point where the institutions that we use to save our citizens money can use that money for high risk investments, then we are forced to bail them out when those investments fail.
We as a nation let our most critical national interest be governed by the for profit industries that provide them to us. So these critical interest are strictly profit motivated instead of motivated for the benifit of the nation that maintains there profit and monopolies. This will never be fixed as long as our political system is for sale to the highest bidder. Campaign finance reform, term limits and sunshine laws help, but our gov't will never operate for the interest of its citizens above that of the corporation until those critical functions are nationalized. Profit motivation just does not belong in defense, health or national resources, but the republicans would have us privatize even our education system, jails and infrastructure. When the gov't exist only for the benefit of the corporation, we move closer to a bloodless fascist takover of our nation.



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